In today’s world, everyone wants to share his views or knowledge with others.  This has become possible because of blogging. Yes, blogging has turned out to be very good platform for those who wants to write and connect with the rest of the world. So, we know Blogger, which is the first and very common platform for blogging. I have started my journey through blogger, but as everyone does, I then started using wordpress for blogging. Yes, this is very common phenomenon because there are unique features in wordpress, which really help a lot for bloggers. So, let us check why WordPress is much better than blogger.

Advantages of using WordPress over blogger

Unique and Great Plugins

 Plugins are the real game changer for wordpress users. Once, you will start using wordpress, you will come to know that half of your workload is taken by plugins. Yes, this is the real fact, which you cannot get in blogger.  I have plugins for SEO, Scheduled post, performance, sharing articles on social networking sites, editing articles, seo friendly images, interlinking the articles etc. all these things take care my half of the work. I have to only write a quality article and these plugins will take care of everything.

Website ranking

 Wordpress blog get very good alexa ranking than blogger website. I myself have two website on same topic, one is on blogger and other is on wordpress. Even, I started my wordpress website after 6 months later of my blogger website, my wordpress website has good ranking than blogger website. I hope you understood this, wordpress website is designed in such a way that they rank higher in ranking.

Placing Ads

WordPress is best for placing Ads on website. The widgets and the plugins helps in placing ads in almost all the places of the blog. From adsense or the alternatives of google adsense, all can be easily placed using wordpress blog. Blogger has limited space for placing google ads which decreases the income earned through ads.

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 Mobile friendly

Mobile phones are the ones, which gives lot of traffic to the bloggers. WordPress is one-step ahead for mobile user who loves to read blogs. Yes, wordpress automatically recognize the device and then configures the website so that the mobile users can the blog on their mobile. So, here we do not have to worry about desktop website or mobile version, wordpress knows how to take care of their readers.

WordPress themes

WordPress has beautiful themes, which are very attractive and SEO friendly. In addition, we can upload themes by downloading form other websites. Therefore, we have options for switching to other themes if we are not happy with wordpress themes. If today’s market from blogger to E-commerce website, all are using wordpress themes because of their high performance and high ranking.

Post Permalink

One of the best advantages of WordPress over blogger is Post Permalink. In blogger, permalink have post date while wordpress has only the post name as URL. In future, if you update the post, the permalink changes in blogger with the updated date while in wordpress the permalink remains same after multiple update. Changes in permalink cause broken links, which will decrease your site performance and ranking. Therefore, it is much better if you have unique permalink throughout you blog for better performance and ranking.