Backlinks are very important to improve blog ranking in search engine. For improving the blog performance, we must have to follow On and Off page SEO. If you are newbie in blogging, you should learn few tips on SEO.

Now, we all know about On page SEO, if you have Yoast SEO plugin in wordpress you can easily follow the On page SEO.

We must use our targeted keywords very carefully while optimizing our content. The keyword density should be also in limit between 2 to 2.5%, for proper ranking of blog post.

Too much use of targeted keyword can lead to spam and the content can be penalized by search engines.

Now, let us know more about Off page SEO, which is the little difficult to follow by blogger.

How to avoid Spam Comments and get backlinks for your blog

Building backlinks and getting referral for your blog is the ultimate goal in Off page SEO. You can build backlinks only when you write guest post or comment on other blogs and forums.

Now, here we should be more careful especially commenting on blogs. Many bloggers post irrelevant comments just for getting backlinks for their blogs. If you are commenting on other blogs it is really important that it should add some value to the blog post.

Most of the comment are spam comment and are not approved by the blog owner. So, let us check how we can avoid spam comment and gain some backlink from other blogs.

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Avoid writing one or two lines Comment

If you are reading an article of between 1000 to 2000 words, you cannot just get away by writing one line in the comment section.

Yes, this is very important when you are into professional blogging. If you really want to build a trustful relationship with other bloggers, you should go ahead and add relevant comment to their blogs.

Even blog owners read the comments and will easily find out who has read their article or not.

You can easily find out the spam comments if you visit the blog section of a blog. Some to the bloggers will finish the comment in just four or five words. Below you can see few examples of spam comments

Great article..thanks for sharing

Yes I totally agree with you..great post..thanks for sharing

Nice post…keep it up!!

Thanks for sharing this information…very helpful for me!!!

Amazing post..thanks for sharing!!

These are very common comments you can see by newbie bloggers who want to get backlinks for their blog.

Blog commenting is good only when you are writing meaning comments. If you are posting irrelevant comment, it will be disapproved by blog owners.

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Writing meaningful and relevant comments

If you really want backlinks, you need to just post relevant comments. One has to understand, if your comment add some value to the blog post, then only the blog owner will approve and connect with you.

It is mutual benefit for both of them. Blog commenting is the first step to know and connect with bloggers of same niche.

Now, let us see few examples of meaningful and relevant comments.

Comment like you are directly speaking with the author. The the comment will be as shown below.

How to avoid Spam Comments and get backlinks for your blog

Use the author name while writing the comment in the beginning Like Hi Mary and then start starting your comment or you can use name in between the content or at the end. The comment should be related to the blog post.

You can see above image the author has also replied to the comment. If the comment is genuine and honest, it will  get a reply. This is the best way to build trustful relationship with other bloggers.

Now coming to the backlink part. Once you have commented on the blog, it needs to be approved by the author.Once your comment is approved, you will get a nofollow or dofollow backlink to your blog.

It will take few days time to show those backlinks for  your blog. Backlinks helps in increase blog ranking. Hence, blog commenting should be done seriously since it can really help in imroving your blog performance in search engine.


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