Google AdSense has become a very good option to make money online through blogging. AdSense has given a hope for everyone to earn extra money other than your regular job. But, these days it is not easy to get approval for google AdSense account.

You should be following all the AdSense guidelines before you apply for google AdSense. Once you get the AdSense account, you will then be struggling to get your first AdSense check of 100$. But, I am not demoralizing anyone here.

You can easily make money through AdSense if you are really competitive and want to be in the list of successful bloggers. I would like to share my experience in blogging. During my initial days it was really difficult for me to get traffic and clicks for my blog.

But, I had in my mind that I will not stop writing articles and continue to be in the field of blogging for at least 2 years. After 10 months I reached to threshold amount of 100$ in my AdSense account. So, today I would just share my tips for those, who are still not able to make enough money through AdSense.

KickASS tips to earn first 100$ from Google AdSense

How much time you have for blogging

Before starting a blog, do prepare yourself mentally. I have prepared myself that I will do blogging for 2 years and will not give up in this period irrespective of any difficulty I face in future. Since, I was determined to enter into blogging I never looked back to quit this field.

Hence, I would say everyone should first accept the fact that blogging is not a joke. You need to give ample amount of time every day in the initial days for building your blog. If you start well, you will never face any problem in the future.

If you are already having a job, then it will be difficult for you to manage both the profession. So, please plan your time so that you focus on both the field. Just for your information, even I started as part time job in blogging, but today I am earning more in blogging than in my full time job.

What I want to say is, you never know in future you will be making handsome money through blogging and have a successful career in blogging.

For students who are interested in blogging, will have lot of time to invest. You can work as full time blogger and simultaneously you can learn and earn. So, do not waste time during your college life, start learning about blogging if you are really interested in this field.

Blogger or WordPress for Blogging

If you want to create a blog, you can choose between blogger and WordPress. These two platform are used frequently to create blog. In today’s era, all the successful bloggers suggest to start your blog in WordPress. The main advantage in WordPress is the use of plugins.

These plugins help to take care of your blog more efficiently. Also, WordPress themes are more SEO friendly and hence they can rank much better than BlogSpot blog.

Blogger is very good platform, but it still need more renovation for blogging. The main drawback of blogger is the permalink which includes the date, and we cannot remove this date in future. While in WordPress the permalinks are unique since there is no date present.

Also, blogger themes are not so much SEO friendly. There are no plugins in blogger for your help. Hence, you have to do more hard work in blogger than WordPress blog.

Write original and unique articles

Now, if you want to get your first 100$, you need to more unique in your writing. Yes, you cannot copy and paste others article. It does not matter if your write something controversial, the article should be original and new for your readers.

The readers are very clever, they are always in search of new tips or technique, if you can provide them they will come back again and again. The more your write unique and quality articles, the more you can attract the readers. This way you can build the traffic of your blog.

After writing you article, share them on social websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, google plus, Pinterest etc. This way you will learn internet marketing skills. If your article has great content, it can be shared by other fellow members as well. Once, one of my article got viral when it was shared so many times in the internet.

Target long tail keywords

Whenever you start a blog, you should always target long tail keywords. The long tail keywords are very specific. The readers also look for specific information in internet. Hence, always target the long tail keywords with low competition from the beginning. This way you will start getting traffic from the first day. Low competitive keywords are easily ranked in search engine and hence you can bring your blog post easily on the first page.

Keyword research is very important if you want to improve your blog performance and ranking. Also, you should not spam those keywords by using them too frequently in blog post. If you provide all the specific information related to your targeted keyword your blog post will be ranked higher in search engine.

Follow the SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to bring your blog post on the first page of search engines. If your blog is on WordPress, yoast SEO plugin will help you to write a SEO optimized blog post.  SEO is also of two types: On page SEO and Off page SEO. Both the SEO are important for blog ranking.

In On page SEO, you need to optimize your article with your targeted keywords. Also, you need to use some LSI keywords to give more specific information on your targeted keyword. Do not forget of add your targeted keyword in the title, meta description, H1, H2, H3 etc tags. This way you can easily optimize your blog post. The images in the blog post should also have the keyword in the Alt text. All these techniques are included in On page SEO.

The Off page SEO is different from On page SEO. Here, all the external links or backlinks linking to your blog post are considered as Off page SEO. So, all the referral links to your blog post are a part of Off page SEO. For example, the blog commenting and writing guest post will bring links back to your blog post. This way you can increase your blog authority and ranking.

Use Google webmaster tool and Google analytics

Once you have smoothly started your blog, now you have keep checking your blog performance. Keep using Google Webmaster Tool (GWT) and google analytics which will give the performance report of your blog. You can add and verify your blog in GWT and google analytics easily.

In GWT, you can check any crawl or sitemap errors. This will help to keep you blog away from dead or broken links. The same way google analytics will tell the organic and referral traffic coming to your blog. Also, you can check the earning from each blog post weekly, monthly etc. So, always keep checking your blog performance using these free google tools.


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Interact with Other Bloggers

The most important tips to increase your blog revenue and performance, is to increase your blog presence in the market. Once you start a blog, you need to start connecting with your fellow bloggers. This connection is very important to learn new techniques from other bloggers and also have a healthy competition with them. Also, you can ask them to share your blog content on social media websites or else you can ask for backlinks. The more you are connected to other bloggers, the more traffic you can generate in your blog. More traffic mean more earning through AdSense.


Comment on other Blogs

As I have mention to connect with other blogger, this can be done just by commenting on their blogs. Blog commenting is very important if you want to get backlinks for your blog. But, remember you should not post any irrelevant or waste comment on other blogs. The comment should add some information to the blog post, then only the owner of the blog will approve your comment, otherwise it will go into spam. Hence, do post comment carefully in other blogs.

Also, do not approve comment in your blog which has no meaning. Comments with no meaning will a decrease you blog credibility and hence you should not allow such comments in your blog post. The readers should feel that your blog has some amazing information, then only they will visit your blog again and again. Hence, beware of the spam comments in your blog.

Write Guest post for Backlinks

Building backlinks is very important for any blog. If you really want to make huge money through AdSense, just get high quality backlinks to your blog. If you have high quality backlinks, the search engines will rank your blog on the top. This way you can build the authority of your blog. The more authority you have, the higher you will rank.

Guest post is very unique way of increasing the ranking of your blog. Once your guest post is accepted, you will get a backlink as well as the traffic from that blog.

Focus of Blog traffic, not on money

Finally, do not think about money for the first two years in blogging. Why I am saying this is because, you should not lose interest in blogging with time. Most of the bloggers quit in between just because they can’t see any earning in the beginning. Earning money through blogging is a slow process. You cannot make money through AdSense in one night or one month, it takes time. If you see the successful bloggers, they also took time to make money through AdSense. Hence, you need to be patient enough to survive in this field.

Hope, all these tips will help or guide you in earning your first 100$ check from google AdSense. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.