Blogging  has become a great option to earn and make money online. But, it is not easy to reach to the top place in blogging. There are many professional bloggers who work day in and out to generate huge traffic and income through there blog.

Blogger sometimes have difficult in earning 100$ every month, in spite of having huge traffic. May be they will be using only google AdSense as the only source of income. But, there are other alternatives as well for AdSense which can make more money than AdSense. Yes, RevenueHits is one of them.

It is one more CPA performance based advertising network. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you have, RevenueHits shows ads/offers depending on the traffic brought by publisher rather than advertisers needs. We will check out Step by Step how to use and make money using RevenueHits.

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Step 1 Creating a New account

You have to first create an account in RevenueHits if you using it first time. Just click here to sign up for RevenueHits. Once you get registered, you can login into RevenueHits using your username and password in the below page.

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Step 2 Dashboard Section

Once logged in, you will enter into the DASHBOARD of RevenueHits. The dashboard is simple and easy to use.

Step 3 Add Website to Make money with Revenuehits

Now, you have to enter your website details in which you want to publish RevenueHits Ads. Now, just click PLACEMENTS tab on the top, as shown in the below image. Here, you have an option to Add New site. Click New Site, it will take you to next page to enter your website or blog details.

How to Make Money with RevenueHits

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Step 4 Filling your Website details

Once you get a below window for creating new site, just fill up the required details. Once finished just save your website details.

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Step 5 Choosing the type of Ads to make money with RevenueHits

Now, we have to create the Ads for your Added website. Now, click the PLACEMENTS tab again. Here, you can see there are two option New Placement for desktop computer and New Mobile Placement for mobile. Just click the one, which is suitable for your website and you will be directed to choose the type of Ads.

Type of Ad for Mobiles phones

Below is the available type of Ads you can use for the mobile phones. You can see the way they will appear in your mobile phones. So, just click any one and go ahead and create your first Ad in the RevenueHits.

How to Make Money with RevenueHits

Types of Ads for Desktop or Computers

Below are the types of Ads available in for desktop computers. Here, you have many option for placing Ads in your website. Now, just choose any one of the below Ads and you will be directed to the next section of creating a new Ad placement.

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Step 6 Filling details of your New Ad Placements

Once you get the below page, enter your Ad name, choose the website if you have multiple blogs added and the size of the Ad. After filling all the details just save all the details. So, now you have created you first Ad for your website or blog.

How to Make Money with RevenueHits

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Step 7 How to Generate HTML Ad code

Now, come back to your Placement Tab. Here, you can see your created Ads as shown in the below. Come to end of the Ad, you can see a sign </>, just click that. Once your click it, your HTML Ad code will pop up. Now, copy the code and paste in your blogger or WordPress HTML widgets. The Ads will start appearing on your blog.

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Step 8 DASHBOARD Overview

You can check your Ads performance in the overview section, in the dashboard. In will show all the required information as shown in the below.   The more your Ads are click, the more you can earn money. The revenue may different from visitor location. US, Europe and UK generated click earn more income. Impression are less effective here.

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Step 9 Payment  Section or Settings

Once you start making money with RevenueHits you can add you payment details. Payment is done through Wire, PayPal  and Payoneer. You can use any of the method to get your money in your bank account.

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Step 10 Checking your Unpaid Earnings

You can check your unpaid earnings in the PAYMENTS section. It is very much transparent here, once you cross your threshold amount, the amount is transferred in your payment account.

How to Make Money with RevenueHits

Final Word

RevenueHits is very good to use, due to its different types of Ads. You can also use it as an alternative for google AdSense or along with AdSense. Please do share your experience with RevenueHits in the comment section.

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