Blogging is really a fun job. You are your own boss and can take decision independently. But, it is a process which requires very hard work especially in the initial days.

When you start a new blog or website, you really need to build and write awesome post to get traffic to your blog.

This is only possible when you write quality articles. Now, to write articles we need a topic to decide. As a blogger, you should always write articles which your readers would like to read.

Initially, your mind will be full of topics but when you reach a saturation level you will have to search unique and interesting topics to engage your readers.

Today we will find different ways to find topic of your next article.

5 Amazing way to find topic for Next Blog post

Ask your Readers

Once, you have healthy number of visitors, it will be very good to ask your readers directly the topic of your next blog post.

In this way you will have two advantages, one you will get new ideas for your next article and also you will come to know what your readers want to read.

Once you get a topic then do full research to write a perfect blog post. The post should be SEO optimized and has topic relevant images.

Since, you need to attract more readers, do write a lengthy article providing all specific information of your topic. If possible, do use some LSI keywords as well.

It is very important to rank the article on first page of search engine, hence do not compensate on the quality of your content.

Find ideas when you are alone

Yes, ideas flow more when we are alone. When there is no one to disturb, your mind works freely and at that time, your mind will be full of ideas.

We always try to focus on others rather than ourselves. So, always focus and think of new ideas or topic for our next blog post.

Most of the successful bloggers work in night and sleep during day time. The major reason is the that during night they are alone and can do their work more efficiently because no one is there to disturb them.

Whenever you get an idea or topic in your mind to write a blog post, do note it down in notepad, PC or mobile. Most of the time, the ideas evaporate from our head after few hours.

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Find topics from other Blogs

If you are a blogger, it is very important to read and follow other successful blogs. One cannot achieve success if he or she don’t have any inspiration in blogging.

We must read at least 10 blogs every day to learn some new techniques in blogging. This is the best way to find new topics of your blog.

You will really enjoy reading other blogs, since you will find very unusual and interesting blog post on them.

Since every blogger has different ideas to run their blog, so they keep on posting interesting article on their blog.

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Find topics from Facebook

5 Amazing way to find topic for Next Blog post

Yes, Facebook is now a hub of ideas. You can find everything on Facebook now. From entertainment, movies, pictures, cooking tips, blogging, business tips etc. everything you can be find in Facebook.

This happened because the whole world is on Facebook and they share everything on Facebook. Even, we bloggers share our articles on Facebook. Most of the blog traffic comes from Facebook only.

To find topic, you just need to join groups of your niche. The Facebook groups and pages are very popular. Once you join a Facebook group or like a Facebook page, you will get all the information on those group and pages.

Now, just follow those groups and pages and search the topic which can be helpful for your readers.

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Find ideas from YouTube

5 Amazing way to find topic for Next Blog post

Same like Facebook, YouTube can also be very helpful in finding new ideas for next blog post or article.

YouTube is a number one video sharing website. So, do follow the YouTube channels of our niche and find the interesting videos and write a blog post on it.

From YouTube you can find many ideas. Even the topics will be explained very nicely step by step in videos. Hence, YouTube is a major source of ideas for bloggers.


Each individual thinks differently, so use our own brain and do not copy others. Your head is full of ideas, you just need to focus and concentrate. Do share any more methods which can help to generate more ideas or topics in our mind.

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