Short URL are important for sharing your blog post information in social networking sites. For example, in twitter you cannot write more than 140 words since it is a microblogging website. Now, if you use your original link or URL, it will only eat up around 50 to 70 words, and you will not have enough space to write important tags or information. Hence I am sharing a free list of top URL shortener websites which will create short URL of your original links. These URLs will not take too much space and will link to your original URL. Also, bloggers who gets more traffic through social networking sites can use these URL shortener to earn extra money. So, let us check them one by one.

Google URL Shortener

This is the simple and best place for making short URL. You have to just visit  and you will come across the below page. As you can see there is rectangular box asking for original URL. Now, you have to just copy your original URL and paste it in this box. After this just click “Shorten URL”. This will generate a short URL which is shown at the bottom of the image. This is the quickest way; you can generate short URL using google URL shortener. Bloggers mainly love to this URL shortener because of easy functions.

Best free list of top URL shortener websites

Bitly URL Shortener

This is also an amazing place for creating custom URL shortener. Just visit and you will come to the home page of Bitly URL shortener. As you can see in the below image, here you have to paste your original URL link and then click “Shorten” to generate Shortened URL.

Best free list of top URL shortener websites

Once, you click SHORTEN, you will see a short URL as shown in the below image. Now, go ahead and copy it and use it in twitter, Facebook, google plus, pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. wherever you want. This URL shortener is used widely among internet marketers.

Best free list of top URL shortener websites Url Shortener via Hootsuite

Regarding Hootsuite I have already shared a lot. Hootsuite is the best place to share your blog post on multiple platforms like facebook, twitter, google plus etc with a single click. You can schedule your blog post using hootsuite which really helps to connect with your readers or visitors 24/7. Now, URL shortener is also connected with hootsuite which generate URL shortener for the links shared through hootsuite profiles.

Best free list of top URL shortener websites

Now, here you have to just visit and you have to paste your URL in the given box, as shown in the below. Image. Now, just click “Shrink URL” to generate a short URL of your link.

I have used this URL shortener when I used hootsuite. It is the best URL shortener for bloggers who wants to connect with their readers 24/7.


This is also a good option for generating tiny URLs of your original links. Here, also the methods are very simple to create a short version of long URLs. You have to visit to create a short URL of your original links. Once you visit the website you will see an image as shown below. Now, just enter your original or Long URL in the box as shown below. Now, just go ahead and click Make TinyURL.

Best free list of top URL shortener websites

Once, you click Make TinyURL, instantly your Tiny URL will be created with a message as shown below. Now, you can check this short URL by opening it in new tab or window.

Best free list of top URL shortener websites

TinyURl is very easy to use, I always use this URL shortener when I ran out of other options.


This website is also a great place for creating short URL. Just visit and enter your original URL in the box as shown below. Now, go ahead and click Shorten to generate yours shorten URL.

Best free list of top URL shortener websites This URL shortener will generate results in seconds and hence I always recommend to used this website for long URLs.

One more excellent website to create short URL. You can reach out to to generate tiny URL. Just copy the original URL in the rectangular box as shown in the image below. And then click the Shorten button to generate a short URL.

Best free list of top URL shortener websites This place also generate some amazing shortened URL. You can use this URL shortener to generate short links for long URLs as well.

Below are the list of other URL shortener and their links

I am going to share a few  list of websites which also generate short URL for long links. These are used earlier by many bloggers and internet marketers. Also, I am sharing their website links which might help you to know more about these URL shortener.

YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener

 URL shortener – WordPress plugin

Their a WordPress plugin with name URL shortener. This plugin is supported with different URL shortener websites. Hence, you can choose any of them and create a best short URL for your blogging purpose. link shortening

URL shortener of Godaddy

Path of Exile URL Shortener

NGG URL Shortener

The HEC URL Shortener 

URL Shortener – Get short link on GG.GG

Free URL Shortener for Text Messages, Email & Social Media

Here, you can create short links for text messages, emails, social media etc. Since, it is free you can use it for variety of links. | Short URL Machine

Acortador URL Shortener WiF.Red URL Shortener & Ad Network – Stable, secure and fast URL Shortener

TINYCC | URL Shortening and Branding

Url Shortener for long URLs

Bulk URL Shortener! – Bulk Business Booster

Tx.Ag – Shorten URLs, images, text and email

TheURL.Co: Best URL Shortener On The Web

TinyUGA | Home

URL Shortener | Make your long links as short as possible with – URL Shortener

Here, I have tried to cover all the sources which can help you create short links or URLs for your blog. All these websites are working fine and create some useful and creative links. As, I have said earlier, microblogging sites like twitter requires to use short links to write more about their tweet. Hence, these websites will always be good place for all the twitter users.

Hope, these list of free URL shortener websites will help you to create some useful short and tiny URL. Do use them to create some quality content for your blog or website. Do share if I missed any URL shortener in this article in the comment section.

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