As a blogger, one should always focus on your keyword while writing an article. An article is ranked in the search engines only when it uses keywords correctly in the article. For example, for SEO (search engine optimization) you should place your keyword in title, meta description, H1, H2 tags etc. So, if you have written an article focusing your keyword, do place it at important places in the article. But, how do we find out the keywords for your article and blog. There are many tools and websites where we can find the relevant keywords for free.  So, let us checkout the places where we can find the targeted keywords for free.

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Google keyword Planner

Keyword planner is the best tool available for finding keywords. If is very easy to access and has friendly user interface. There are options and filter available to find your exact keyword.  As you can see in the below image, I am trying the search for “target keywords” in the keyword planner. On the left tab, we have option to change the location or country you want to target, languages, negative keywords etc. There are also options for include, exclude to find only specific keywords. Competition of keyword in also shown, so as a new blog you should always choose a low competitive keyword.

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Best free places to find the targeted keywords

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Google Search related keywords

This is easiest place to find a bunch of keywords for your article. You can just type your keyword in search engine and google will automatically suggest the related keywords in the end of the page. These are the simple steps to find your relevant keywords. Many people still don’t know these free places where we can get traffic generating keywords.

Best free places to find the targeted keywords

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Google search engine Auto suggestions

Now, as you know when you search something in google, you will see google will suggest some keywords while typing. Yes, these are also very important for targeting keywords. These places help us to find the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords later help in generating handsome traffic to your blog. This is also one the easiest method to find a keyword for free in google.

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Best free places to find the targeted keywords

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LSI graph

LSI graph is one of best place to find the relevant or targeting keywords. As shown below, LSI graph helps in generating keywords. You just have to enter your keyword and click GENERATE. It will show a list of keywords which are related to your keywords, which can help in getting traffic from search engines. For example, I have searched for targeting keywords, it has shown so many related keywords below.

Best free places to find the targeted keywords

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Semrush is the best tool to find keywords. For free or basic version, there are some limitations, but still you can find some the relevant keywords for your article or blog. As you can see in the below image, you have to just enter your keyword and the tool will show the whole overview of the keyword. It will show the organic search (volume and number of results) and the paid search (CPC and competition). It will also show the matching keyword and the related keywords. Here, you can find more keywords for your article or blog.

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Best free places to find the targeted keywords