Backlinks are very important for increasing your blog performance in search engines. All bloggers try hard to bring their blog post or articles on the front page of search engines and backlinks play an important role in it. The more blogs or website refer your blog, the more your website will rank higher in search engine. Being a blogger myself, I have also struggled initially to make a SEO friendly blog. During the process of building my blog, I came to know the importance of backlinks especially from forums. Yes, backlinks from related forums helps a lot in increasing your blog traffic and readers. Also if you have dofollow backlinks from these forums, then you will be benefitted more. So, today we will check step by step how we can search for our related niche forums and get backlinks from them.

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Search the free forum list

The first step for us is to search the forums from where we need backlinks. You can just type in search engine and select the related forums. If you have SEOquake you can easily filter the high ranking forums which will be helpful for your blog. For example, I have searched for the “SEO forums” and I got the below result with two forums with healthy ranking.

How to get do follow backlinks from Forums

If you can see the above screenshot, you can easily make a list of forum websites using SEOquake, which will be helpful for discussion.

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Register for free in Forums

Now, once you make a list of forums, you need to go ahead and create an account on these websites. Creating an account will not take much time. Once your account is created, visit the forum and read the forum or community guidelines. I would suggest everyone, who wants to get do-follow backlinks from free forum website, to first read the forum guidelines. Most of the bloggers think that they can post anything on these forums, which ultimately leads to banning their account. So always, be honest and polite while answering or asking any question. Do not post irrelevant things which will not benefit up to the discussion going on.

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Don’t expect quick references from forums

Yes, forums do not easily give away backlinks to their members. If you participate in forum, you can see that there are some restrictions for new members. These restrictions are lifted when you become an active participant in the forum community. Do not expect that without any contribution to the forum you will get any dofollow backlinks. So, be active in forums for at least first 4 – 5 months and participate honestly in the discussion panel. Once, the forums moderators feel you are really capable of getting a referral you will then get a referral backlink from the forums. So, be patient and honest, you will see good results in future.

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How dofollow backlinks benefit my blog?

Do follow backlinks tells the google spiders to follow those links and crawl them. Once, you get visitors from such links, the website is ranked higher in search engines. When you have no-follow backlinks, the google spiders are stop to crawl the no-follow backlinks, which does not benefit too much to our blog. Also, these forums generate amazing traffic, so you can earn some part of the traffic as well when visitors visit to your blog via forums. Hence, with backlinks you can easily increase your blog traffic as well. These forums website are made to help each other and hence the more you benefit the forums the more your blog will be benefited in return.

Hope, you would have now understood the process of getting do-follow backlinks from forums. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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