Being a blogger, it is really tough to write quality articles daily. Yes, if you are doing full time blogging, then you might find time to write articles daily. But, there are many part time bloggers who are still not getting time to write blog post for their blog.

Traffic is proportional to the hard work and consistency in blogging. Yes, if you are really working hard daily and remaining update, you will surely see an increase in your blog traffic.

This is not rocket science, it is very easy to create a blog and write from your heart. The only thing people don’t have is Patience and hence they leave the job or blogging in between.

How to get instant traffic to your first blog post

This is an irony, you can work in a company for many years but I you are told to work for yourself on your blog for six months, you will have tons of excuses. This is where we lack our skills and hard work.

Think about your blog, as if it is the only source of income. Once, you start taking your blog seriously, you can see the amount of traffic you will receive from search engine.

Today I would share a story of one of my friend who started getting traffic right from his first blog post.

Yes, you can get instant traffic as well with just first post in your blog. It all depends on the quality and hard work of the blogger. Now, let us check the techniques used by my friend to get instant traffic for his first blog post.

Be specific and maintain quality

While writing your blog post, you should be very specific with your topic. Do read few articles related to your topic to gain some information on it.

Once, you feel that you have collected enough information, then you can go ahead and write an article on it. This way you can write a 1000 to 2000 words article. Long articles have more probability of ranking higher in search engine.

Now, coming to the quality, you need to read the blog post of successful bloggers. Yes, you need to check how they write and connect with their readers by writing articles.

Content is the king. Hence, do write articles which have the ability to impress your readers and give information which they will not get in any other blogs.

How to get instant traffic

So, we have a written a quality article for your readers and now we have share it to our readers. Promotion is very important for every article. This is the only process where you can build healthy traffic.

Social networking sites like Facebook are very helpful in promoting our blog post. You can share your blog post in the related Facebook groups and pages to reach out to your readers.

Similarly, you can use Twitter, Pinterest, google plus, Instagram etc. are the best website to share your blog post article. Whole world is online and has account in each of these website.

Hence, sharing article on these websites will expose your blog to the whole world.


This was the simple technique used by my friend who have written his first article. He got 30 readers for his first blog post, now this is really huge for a first blog post.

So, even writing quality articles and promoting them cleverly will also get more traffic to your blog. SEO is important but Quality comes first.

If your articles are really good, they will be shared by our readers which will multiple your readers and will bring traffic to your blog. This will automatically help in increasing your blog ranking.


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