Basic about Google AdSense Revenue Calculator

I have been using google AdSense from last 3 years and everyday trying to increase my income through AdSense. I think, everyone who enters into blogging will always use google AdSense for making money online. Google AdSense is the best advertising network for bloggers. Once you get google AdSense account approval, you just need to place your ads formats in your blog. The ads are placed by google on the basis of the content you have shared in your blog or website. But, it is really not easy to make money through google AdSense. I have seen bloggers who made their 100$ from AdSense in within 1 year and some bloggers who even after 2 years, are still struggling to reach 100$. When I started using AdSense, I use do some google AdSense earning calculation and sometimes use different techniques to reach threshold amount of AdSense. You can also calculate your cost or revenue of AdSense income from google yourself. Google Adsense revenue calculator works on certain data, which we will discuss later. So,let us share how to calculate your AdSense revenue using the performance reports of your AdSense dashboard.

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CPC and Clicks for Google AdSense earnings calculator

Clicks are nothing but the number of clicks you have received on google ads shown on your website. Now, here you have to also filter from where these clicks are coming. You have to check from which country you are getting traffic and clicks. Always remember, you will earn more if you get clicks from USA (United States of America) and UK. And if you get clicks from India, UAE, Pakistan, turkey, Thailand, south Africa you will earn very less money through AdSense.  Google ads cost calculator varies from location to location. Just to given one example, I am earning for 1 click through USA almost on an average 1 $ and same 1 click on google ads from India, will add only 0.04$ in my AdSense account. Now, if you compare both it will be.

Earning from 1 click (USA)= 1 $

Earing from 1 click (India)= 0.04$ (need 25 clicks from India to reach 1$)

So, now you can see the calculation of AdSense earning from different location. So, always try to get traffic and click from USA if you really want to increase yours google AdSense income instantly.

CPC is stands for Cost Per Click. Now, this is nothing but the amount or cost earned through the clicks. In AdSense performance report, the CPC is calculated as the total estimated amount earned by AdSense divided by the total clicks received.

CPC (cost per click) = Total amount earned through google AdSense/total number of clicks received

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RPM in Google AdSense revenue calculator

There are two RPM, page RPM and Impression RPM. The page RPM is average earnings per thousand page views. This is little tricky to understand. I would just share one of my experience which will really help in learning this RPM.

Once, on Monday is got 14 clicks with 789 page views, and I earned 13$ in my AdSense account. My final was 13$ for that day.

Now, on Tuesday I got 12 clicks with 600 page views and I earned 12$ in my AdSense account. But, after few hours I crossed 1000 page views, now my earning decreased from 12$ to 10$. SURPRISED!!

You need to understand that Page RPM will never be constant, it will keep on changing with your revenue and page views. Now, if you see the formula for page RPM

Page RPM= Average earnings/1000 views

Page RPM=Constant average earning (12$ in your case)/1000 views

Here, page RPM is inversely proportional to the 1000 views, if your earnings remain constant.

Now, if you are good in Mathematics, you will know if your earning is constant, then the page RPM will decrease with the increase in the page views.

Same happened in your scenario, the amount decreased from 12$ to 10$ because you did not get any more clicks but your page impression kept on increasing, which lead to decrease in your RPM. AdSense calculate you average earning after crossing your 1000 page views and the again update your actual earning. Hope, this will help you in google AdSense revenue calculator in future.

Also, remember if you don’t cross the 1000 page views mark, the AdSense will not change your AdSense earning. This happened with me many times, my earning remains constant whenever I have not reached the 1000 page views mark. Once, it crossed 1000 page views, the AdSense starts its page RPM calculation. It is really interesting if you closely see the change in page RPM with the page views.

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Impression RPM in Google ads revenue calculator

Impression RPM is the average earning per thousand impressions. It is also calculated in percentage by dividing estimated earning by number of impressions.

Impression RPM % = Estimated earnings/Number of impressions

The more the percentage of Impression RPM, the more will be your earnings if you have constant number of impressions.

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CTR in Google AdSense income calculator

CTR stands for Click through rate. CTR is nothing but percentage of impression that led to clicks. The percentage for CTR is actually calculated by dividing number of clicks by impression.

CTR %= Number of Clicks/Impression

CTR above 1% is considered very good, so if you get 10 clicks for 1000 impression you will get a CTR of 1%. But it all depends on how you place you google AdSense ads. Also, the number of clicks varies everyday which will automatically change the CTR. Hence, try to place AdSense ads above the fold area, where users mostly try to click.

Hope, now you can use CPC, RPM, CTR in google AdSense revenue calculator and calculate your earning and still if you have any doubt do share it in the comment section.

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