Google Chrome is the best browser for internet users. Even Mozilla does not give good web page surfing experience compared to google chrome. Chrome is very smooth and easy to use. Also the toolbar, extension and other setting of chrome can be done by anyone. But, sometimes the chrome.exe files does not work, and you will not be able access the google chrome browser. This is a very common error among chrome browser users. You will get the below error usually.

“The application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000005).Click on OK to terminate the application”

Once you click OK, the error box will disappear. So, how we should resolve this error to start using google chrome once again.

Yes, this can be resolved in 2 minutes but just adding few words in the Google chrome Shortcut.

You have to just right click the google chrome shortcut icon in the desktop and then choose the Properties tab, as shown below.

How to resolve Google Chrome.exe application error in 2 minutes

Once, you choose the properties tab, go to the target box and enter –no-sandbox at the end of the sentence. Their should be space given between the last word and the –no-sandbox.

How to resolve Google Chrome.exe application error in 2 minutes

Sandboxing is a feature in Google chrome to prevent malware from installing itself onto computers or laptops.It also prevents what happens in one tab from affecting the other tabs i.e each tab runs as a separate process and for each of these processes, all the rights have been stripped.

Once you enter these words, just click apply. Now again launch the browser, you will see the Chrome browser will start working again smoothly as it was working previously. This is the easiest step to resolve this application error of chrome.exe file.


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