Hootsuite is the best application for sharing your blog post at regular interval of time. For bloggers it is very important to be in connect with their readers. Sharing is caring, hence it is very important to regularly share your blog post. Some of the successful bloggers, always share their updates or old blog post with their readers at regular interval of time. Hootsuite is the best place where we can share our content to different social networking sites with a single click. Also, you can schedule your blog post today, tomorrow, after 1 week or after 1 month. Hence, there is lot of flexibility with time here to post your content. So, let us check how this application can be used to save your time.

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Step 1 – Login to Hootsuite

As shown in the image below, if you have account in  social networking site like Twitter, facebook or Google plus, you can just directly login to hootsuite using these accounts.

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How to Schedule Blog post using Hootsuite

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Step 2: Enter into Hootsuite Dashboard

Once, you will login, you will enter into the dashboard, where you can manage all your blog post. Now, you have to  add the social networking sites where you want to share your blog post. As show in the below image, just click the + Add Social Network button to add your profiles.

How to Schedule Blog post using Hootsuite

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Step 3- Start adding your Profiles

Once you have clicked to add Social network button, you will see a screen as shown below. Here, you can see a list of social networking profiles which you can add just by connecting to them. Now, just go ahead and add them. You might be restricted to add more profiles if you have basic account. If you upgrade your account in hootsuite, you can add more profiles.

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How to Schedule Blog post using Hootsuite

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Step 4 – Scheduling your blog post

This is the most important step. As shown in the below image, you can compose your message  and add a related link to it. Hootsuite will shortened your URL for posting to twitter. Now, once you have composed your message, you can just schedule the blog post by click the calendar symbol. Once, you click the calendar symbol, you will see a month, date and time setting. Now, just go ahead and set your date and time to schedule your blog post. Done. Now, just schedule your blog post before sleeping and  stay in connect with your readers while sleeping as well.

How to Schedule Blog post using Hootsuite

Hope, now you got an idea about how to use hootsuite. Now, you can even share your blog content while sleeping through hootsuite. Please do share your thoughts on the use of this application.