Google AdSense is one of the top advertisement programs for bloggers. I have already shared how to get the AdSense account approval fast and easily. Once, you have a fully access AdSense account, you can then focus on how to make money through it. So, let us checkout the basic and advanced technique of making money through AdSense. Do remember to read the AdSense policies and follow them, do not violate them. Yes, many of us would love to click our own blog ads and make money, but google is smart enough to catch you, so avoid such things. Once, your AdSense account is blocked then it is difficult to get approve again.  But, you can make handsome money by following AdSense policies as well.


Smart tips for increasing AdSense income

More traffic makes more money through AdSense. But, you can make good money with less traffic as well. Yes, you can! but it is possible with few monetizing techniques and showing relevant ads. In short you can say, AdSense revenue is inversely proportional to blog traffic. For example, using high paying keywords in your blog posts by using keyword tools like Semrush, will help you generate high income with less traffic. But we will focus on the google ads to make more money through clicks. In short we will try to increase the CTR (Click through rate) to make handsome income.

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Step 1- Filtered relevant categories for your blog

You can see my AdSense account below in the image, which show only the Allow & block Ads. This section is very important for those who use only AdSense for monetizing their blog. Now, we will edit these categories in such a way that google will show ads relevant to your blog. Reader or visitors click ads only when they see what is relevant to the topic. So, as per the image shown below, I have blocked all the URLs for the advertisers, since I am not sure what kind of ads they are going to show in my blog.

Awesome tips for increasing AdSense Income

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Step 2:  Following the same step with the General Categories

As you can see in the image, here also I have blocked few categories from showing ads. You can block maximum 50 categories. I have blocked around 46 categories. But, it really helped me when I filtered these categories. Since my blog was on health, weight loss, diseases, drugs, medicines etc. I have tried to focus all the categories related to these keywords. Hence, unrelated categories have been blocked as shown below. Like, you can see the highest earning is from Health category which is about 44%.

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Step 3:  Sensitive categories

Same rule applies with Sensitive categories as well. Here also, you can block the unrelated categories and focus on your blog keywords. Drugs and supplements are very related to my blog, hence allowed to show ads on my blog, rest others have been blocked.

Awesome tips for increasing AdSense Income

This way you can monetize you google AdSense account. It worked for me to increase my CTR (click through rate). It can also help you to increase you AdSense revenue as well. Do try it and share your experience in the comments section.