Google AdSense has introduced a new tab for increasing the AdSense earning. You can use this setting to show only the ads which are performing good for making money. This will really help to increase your AdSense earning significantly. If you have approved google AdSense account, do use this setting to improve your AdSense earning. The best performing ads will be focused in your AdSense account, which will then help you to make money. This new setting is called as Ad balance. Below is the screenshot of this tab.

Want to increase your Adsense Earning? Follow this tip

You need to just visit the My ads -> Content -> Ad balance to reach to this tab. You can then use the slider to select the percentage of your potential ads to be shown on your website. This setting will help you to show the most potential ads which are making money on your blog. As you can see the above image, I have selected 73% for the ads to be shown which are performing good on my website. In this way, the google will only show 73% of ads as per your website content, which are performing good on your website. 

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