Traffic is a very crucial factor in blogging. If you really want to increase traffic of your blog, you will really need to take care of your visitors. Visitors are like your customers, who wants to get good services from your blog. Yes, blogging is like a business where you are providing quality information to your readers or visitors.

But, to have a successful blog or business, one has to really work hard. So, we are just here today to discuss the techniques of increasing your number of readers or visitors of your blog. By increasing the number of visitors, eventually help in boosting your blog traffic. The more you generate traffic the more it will help to increase your blog ranking in search engine.

So, everything is interconnected, if you work hard on increasing your blog traffic that will eventually reflect in your blog ranking. So, let us check how we can improve our blog ranking in search engine.

Superb tips to Increase your BLOG visitors in Short time

Decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a very important to check regularly for every blog. In the beginning, I have avoided to check the bounce rate of my blog and I have suffered a lot. It is very easy to check the bounce rate. You can just visit the  and enter you domain name and checkout your blog bounce rate. Below is my blog bounce rate.

Superb tips to Increase your BLOG visitors in Short time

The more the bounce rate, the more easily the visitors leave your blog. Less bounce rate means they really like to engage in your blog content.

Hence, always write quality articles and interlink them to give as much information to your visitors. If you really want to increase you blog traffic you will really need to take care of bounce rate.

Increase Traffic Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best tool for checking the performance of your blog. It has really great statistics of your blog which will help to improve your blog performance in search engine. Using google analytics helped many of my articles to rank on first page of search engines.

Superb tips to Increase your BLOG visitors in Short time

If you go on Audience->overview tab in google analytics of your domain, you will get circle of New visitor versus Returning visitor. This will show the number of visitors retained by your blog.

For example, if you have more new visitors, it is very good for your blog traffic but also the returning visitors count should not drop. A perfect balance between new and returning visitor will help in increasing your blog ranking.

As you can see above, my blog has 79% new visitors and only 20% returning visitors. This happens when you don’t provide regularly quality information to your visitors. Yes, updated blogs can see a huge increase in number of returning visitors.

My blog is not updated from months and hence it is obvious that  the traffic of my blog has to decrease.

Sharing is Caring- Blog Promotion

You can have a successful blog only when you show your blog to the rest of the world. Promotion is always a key factor to bring success to any business. Hence, in blogging also we have to regularly promote blog posts on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, google plus etc.

If you really want to reach every visitor or reader of your blog, you need to use all these websites. This is the most easiest way to connect with people all around the world. It really feels good when someone really thanks or appreciate your work from different part of the world.

Yes, many times when I have shared my blog post, readers from USA, UK, Canada etc. liked my worked and thanked me. These kind of appreciation really motivates me to write more for them. This is the real power of internet that you can share your knowledge with anyone. 

Follow On Page and Off page SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is always important in blogging. You cannot rank your blog without SEO. Plugin like Yoast SEO will help  WordPress bloggers to rank their article on search engine.

To get a quick increase in your blog visitors, you need to increase your blog backlinks. Backlinks helps in increasing your blog ranking. The more backlinks you have to more traffic your blog can generate.

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