What is Google AdSense?

We all know that AdSense is a CPC (cost per click) based ad network. Till my graduation i had always a question about how to earn money online. Then I read about google adsense and found many bloggers making money through google adsense. Then I learn about adsense CPM, CTR, page RPM, impression RPM, pageviews and the most important the Clicks. In AdSense, the publisher will earn on the basis of the amount of ads being clicked by the visitors or readers. Now, the google ads revenue depends on the different category of ads shown on your blog. Yes, this is the main thing to focus for increasing your AdSense income. The more the price of your ads the more you can earn through the clicks. But, as we know the ads are shown by google is on the basis of your blog content. So, you cannot put a high CPC ad on your blog, it is all controlled by google. So, the final question is how we can show the high CPC ads on your blog and earn more money with just few clicks. So, today we will discuss how much an Google AdSense pay for each click and the steps to instantly increase our AdSense income or earning.

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Find out high paying CPC keywords

I have already shared about how we can find our targeted keywords through various techniques. Now, as I mention we have to first find the high CPC (Cost per Click) keywords. There are few topics which are always having high CPC in ad network, for example health sector, insurance sector, blogging etc. For example, for the word “medical” you can see how much the CPC rate or bidding rate is shown in google keyword planner (see below pic). For each click on ads related to below keywords, can help you to make high revenue in your AdSense account.

How to instantly increase your AdSense Income

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Also, for the “insurance” keyword, you can see the CPC rate of the keywords for this section in the below screenshot.

How to instantly increase your AdSense Income

So, the price value of keywords shown how these keywords can make your rich in few day if they are targeted correctly in your blog. So, do remember the high CPC keywords are the real reason to increase you AdSense income instantly.

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How to earn through High Paying CPC keywords

Once, you know that these are the high paying CPC keywords, which can make money through AdSence like hell with just few clicks, you should start writing a blog on these topics. If you have focused your blog around these keywords with quality articles, google will be forced to put the high CPC ads on your blog. This way your blog will be monetized by the high paying CPC google ads. Do remember to place ads above the fold, which is the most clicked area by the readers. In such a way, can easily make money with just few clicks on your blog. But, do remember these high CPC keywords are very competitive in search engine. Hence, you have to write some quality articles to bring your blog post on the first page of the search engines.

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Always target the US people or American visitors

Yes, this is true that there is big difference in money between a click by USA visitor and clicks from other countries. AdSense pay more when you get clicks form USA visitors. Hence, you should always look for keywords which are having less competition in US google search engine (www.google.com). Hence, always choose a country USA while searching a keyword for your blog in future.

Hope, now you would have got great tips to increase you Google AdSense income or earning. Do comment if you have anything to share about this topic.


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