Shareasale review in short

ShareASale is the best place for bloggers who want to make money through affiliate progams. Here, you can get lot of products related to your blog which can be promoted and sell through your blog and website. The process of making money through ShareASale is not tough. If you have a website with decent traffic you can just monetize your website with ShareASale affiliate products and you can see the increase in your blog earnings. The commission earned on the affiliate products in ShareASale is also great. So, we will checkout the step by step about how to make money using ShareASale.

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How to use Shareasale?

ShareASale is a large-scale program, with more than 3,900 merchants (1,000 of which are exclusive to ShareASale). It has a unique text ad widget builder. The reliable payment on every month makes it much trusted affiliate program among its competitors. Also the commission rates of ShareASale products are much higher than compared to its competitors. You will be paid through direct deposit or check on 20th of every month once your reach your threshold limit. There is no payment through paypal. So, all and all ShareASale has turned out to be a very good place for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

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How does ShareASale work: Create account first

As you can see in the below image, we have a ShareASale Affiliate login and a Merchant login. Here, we are going to sign up for an affiliate account first. Once you create an account, then just enter login and password to access all the affiliate products of ShareASale.

 How to make money using ShareASale                                        

How to search your Affiliated products?

This is a very important step in ShareASale. Here, you are going to search an affiliate product which will be related to your blog or website topic and which can be easily bought by your visitors. Now, as shown in the below image, just go to Merchants tab and click Search for Merchants.

How to make money using ShareASale

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Searching for affiliate products

Once you click the Search for Merchants, you will land into the below page. Here, you have to enter your keyword in the blank box and click Search. Once you click Search button, you can see all the related products for your keyword.

How to make money using ShareASale

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How to join Program and access affiliate product links?

This is a tricky step because you need to enroll or join affiliate programs to access the affiliate products links. For example, when I searched for “blogging” I got below merchants. Now, I have to first JOIN PROGRAM to access its affiliate products link. Now, just click JOIN PROGRAM which you are interested.

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How to find out your Enrolled affiliate program

Once you click for JOIN PROGRAM, the merchant will go through your application. Once, they accept it you will be ENROLLED IN PROGRAM as shown below. Now, go ahead and click the Get Link to access the affiliate links or codes.

How to make money using ShareASale

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How to find out affiliate links and codes

Once you click Get Link, you will be forwarded to the below page. This will have three tabs: text links, Thumbnail Image links and Large image links. Now, you can choose any of these tabs and then just copy paste the codes for the link in your blog or website. This way you can monetize your website with ShareASale affiliate products.

How to make money using ShareASale

Moreover you can earn through Shareasale referral program as well. Hope this Shareasale tutorial will help you to know how easily you can make money using ShareASale. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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