SEMrush is the best keyword tool for any blogger or marketer who is in search of profitable keywords. Once, you use SEMrush, you will come to know why it is the best keyword tool. Yes, there are many keyword tools like SEMrush, for example Spyfu, but I would still suggest to go for SEMrush only because of its unique features. For free trial account, you can access only limited features of SEMrush. Hence, I am going to share the SEMrush pricing details which has different plans, depending on your requirement.  After knowing about the SEMrush pricing details, you will surely be interested to purchase one of these plans. So, let us checkout them.

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SEMrush Pricing for Pro Account

This plan is best for bloggers. If you are running a blog and want to find some keywords for your blog, you can use this Pro account which has some amazing features. Most of the successful bloggers use this Pro account, use can also try this account and increase ranking of your blog. The details of the Pro account in shared below.


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Results per report – 10000

Reports per day – 3000

Projects – 5

Keywords to track – 500

Pages to crawl – 100000

Social media profiles – 50

Scheduled PDF reports – 5

The number of keywords to track are 500, which I think is enough for a blogger to find a keyword for his blog. Also the report generated are 3000 which is also great. So, do use this plan and if you want more features do go for below plans. You can register and enroll for this Plan here.

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SEMrush Pricing Guru Account

Guru Account is also very popular. SEMrush pricing for Guru account looks high but it is very profitable. If you are seriously planning to set up few websites and make money through them, then you should use this Guru account. The price may be high, but SEMrush will suggest the best low competitive and high profitable keywords for your websites. So, do use this plan if you are seriously looking to make money online. The details of this Guru account is shared below.



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Results per report – 30000

Reports per day – 5000

Projects – 50

Keywords to track – 1500

Pages to crawl – 300000

Social media profiles – 100

Scheduled PDF reports – 20

Branded PDF reports – Enabled

Historical data – Enabled

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SEMrush Pricing for Business plan

For business account, the SEMrush price is $549.95 as shown below. But, this cost will be less in front of you whole business plan. Money makes money. So, if you want to see profit in your business, you have to first invest money in such plans. SEMrush will find some profitable keywords for your business. For example, the e-commerce business is competitive these days, but only those who are using the low competitive and highly search keyword are make money in market. So, in these conditions you should use SEMrush to bring success in your business. The details of this business account is shared below.



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Results per report – 50000

Reports per day – 10000

Projects – unlimited

Keywords to track – 6000

Pages to crawl – 1200000

Social media profiles – 300

Scheduled PDF reports – 50

Branded PDF reports – Enabled

Historical data – Enabled

Product Listing Ads – Enabled

Multi-user management – Enabled

Hope, these SEMrush pricing details will help you to choose the plan, which suits you. So, don’t wait and buy any of these account and start finding keywords.