Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. Bloggers who take it as a hobby, will never take blogging seriously. If you really want to excel in blogging, you need to really be passionate about it. Yes, every blogger should be dedicated towards it work. You can see everyday, so many blogs are launched. But, their are very few which survives. To be in the competition, you need to keep learning new things. In blogging you will rank high or low depending on your content. Always remember content is the KING. Today, I would just try to focus on 5 mistakes which every blogger does when he or she enters in the field of blogging.

Top 5 Mistakes Bloggers do in Blogging


Patience is a real problem for all bloggers. I remember some of my friends who started new blogs with so much excitement in the beginning. They were so much interested to learn everything in blogging, SEO, WordPress etc. But, after few months they lost interest in writing, posting, blogging, SEO etc. Now, why this happened? My all these friends were not getting enough traffic to their blog. They thought it was easy to rank article on first page of search engine. Yes, they all did keyword research, use long tail keywords, LSI keywords, on and off page SEO etc. but they still were struggling to get enough traffic for first few months. This happened because they don’t have PATIENCE. You cannot get traffic suddenly in one night. It is a gradual process, where you keeping posting your article and increase your audience day by day. The more you are in contact with your readers the more you will get traffic. This happens will almost 90% of bloggers. Always remember, “Winners never Quit“. If you want to succeed in future, keep trying hard till you achieve it.

Copying others

Most of the bloggers want to achieve success in short time. Now, this is the big mistake bloggers do. Even, I have done this mistake in my initial days. Copying other website content and then posting on our website to get traffic is very common. This happens when you are lazy enough to write articles for your blog. Hence, copying others is the only way left out for us. As I said earlier, Content is King, writing unique and quality articles will always help to rank higher in search engines. If you really want to be in the list of successful bloggers,  stop copying others and explore your ideas and share them with the rest of the world.  You will surely see the increase in your followers and readers. Now, just save the list of your regular followers and share your innovative and unique content with them. Everyone has unique quality and we should explore them.

Not connecting with other bloggers

Living in your own world can be dangerous sometimes especially in blogging. For example, if you are just writing your article and not sharing them or promoting it on social networking sites, will not help you to rank in search engine. If you don’t connect with other bloggers of your niche, you are making a very big mistake in blogging. All the bloggers who are now having high ranking in search engines, used to follow some or the other blogger in past. Till you don’t learn and follow someone who is much better than you, then you will not learn the techniques of blogging. Also, to get backlinks for Off page SEO, the bloggers need to visit other websites for blog commenting and guest posting. All these techniques will help in ranking your blog in search engines.

Money Minded

As I said earlier, blogging should be taken as Passion not as Hobby. Once you get an adsense account, money will start flowing, this is the common thinking of every blogger. When you think of money, you brain stops thinking. Money is like fullstop. In blogging, when you are writing, do not think of money at all. Once your work get appreciated, you will automatically start making money. Your readers and followers will help you to make money. But, you need to provide them valuable content, which they will not get anywhere. Quality content should be the priority not the MONEY. Do not fall in the trap of make instant money. You cannot become rich in one night. You need to work hard passionately on your blog to earn a living out of a blog.

Want everything for free

Their are bloggers, who are even today, not spending money for buying a custom domain. This is a very big mistake done by bloggers. You cannot succeed by using a free or domain. Its very simple to understand “Money makes Money“. If you spend money today, tomorrow you earn as well. For example, the premium account of Longtail keyword Pro, SEMRUSH keyword tool are best to find keywords for any blog. If bloggers use such tool, they will definitely get some targeted keywords for their blog. Also, you of some premium plugin in WordPress will help in increasing your blog performance in search engine. Do buy a SEO friendly theme for your blog, which can rank higher in search engine.


So, I hope now you all will try to avoid all these mistake in future. If you really want to excel in blogging, be yourself and write from your heart. Do follow others but don’t copy other. Please do share the mistakes you have done in blogging in the comment section.

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