When you start a blog in blogger, you will get a free blog name with blogspot.com. But, these days many of us stepping towards using a custom domain. Having a different domain name given a unique feature to your blog. Also, there are many benefits of using a custom domain compared to BlogSpot domain. If you search in google, all the successful bloggers are using custom domain. Also, the custom domain has created a brand and blogger are known by their domain or blog names as well. Now, let us check how you can transfer a BlogSpot domain to GoDaddy custom domain.

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Step 1- Change in DNS settings

Once you have purchased a domain in GoDaddy, just visit your domain settings. Search for DNS Zone File, to edit the DNS setting. Just click the DNS zone file, as shown in the image below.


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Step 2 – Adding New IP addresses

Once you enter the DNS Zone file, you will have to edit the A(host) section. In this section, just click Add record, to enter IP address one by one, as shown below.


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Step 3 How to enter New Record in A(Host)

Once you click Add record, a window will pop up as shown below. Now, just enter “@” in host section and enter the above given IP addresses one by one. Don’t forget to SAVE the settings after enter each record.


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Step 4 How to Set up Purchased domain in blogger dashboard

Now, go to your blogger dashboard->Setting->Basic. Come to the Blog Address and click the “setup a 3rd party URL for your blog”.


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Step 5 Capture your host name and Point to or Destination

Now you will see a window a shown below, just enter your purchased domain, as shown in the image below. You will also have two Host name and the Destination or the Points To section for your blog


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Step 6 Adding Records to CName (Alias)

Now again visit your purchased domain DNS zone and now go to CName (Alias) section. Now, just Add record of the above two Host and Point to in the CName (Alias) section, as shown below. Now, save all the settings. Now, you are almost done. Google will redirect your blogspot domain to you GoDaddy custom domain in within 24 to 48 hours.


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Step 7

Just visit to blogger dashboard, and click the redirect box as shown below. This will help to redirect non www version of your domain www.

How to transfer a BlogSpot domain to a GoDaddy custom domain

Hope, you would have learnt now how you can transfer your blogspot domain to your custom domain. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.

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