WhatsApp is used by everyone to be in contact with their loved ones. It is really a very user-friendly application which make lot of our work easy. Facebook is also used less these day because WhatsApp is so popular. But sometimes when I am using an android mobile I might not able to get updates in WhatsApp because of less memory in mobile. In such scenario, we always look for much better option. Hence, today we will check how we can use WhatsApp in desktop to get rid of all the problems which we face in the mobile. Let us see how we can use this application in laptops and desktops.

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Step 1. Use Desktop for WhatsApp

First visit the link https://web.whatsapp.com/. Here, you will see the barcode as shown below. Now, scan the barcode using your android mobile, in which you are using WhatsApp.

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Step 2 How to scan the barcode using Mobile

If you are using WhatsApp in mobile, just login and go in the menu option. Once you click the menu option, you will get WhatsApp Web option as shown below. Now, just click this option as shown in below image.

Now, your mobile will scan the barcode and instantly you can see your WhatsApp status in computer, desktop or laptop whichever you are using for scanning.

This way, you can now easily use your WhatsApp application on desktop and you can do all your work without using your android phone.


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