Buzzumo is the best place to find the most viral content on web for any particular keyword. This is the best tool to know the trends on internet and which are most shared and most liked article on the internet. Bloggers and internet marketers are always in search of viral content to use them for increasing their blog ranking.

The more you write about viral keywords the more are the chances of getting huge traffic. Hence, we should always remain updated with the trend going on internet.  So, today we will check out how Buzzsumo tool can be useful to find the most viral content and shared article on internet.

Find most viral or Shared articles using Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is very easy to use, you have to just visit  and then enter the keyword you want to search as shown below.

Why Everyone is Using Buzzsumo in Blogging?

For example, I have entered “affiliate marketing” to search the viral content and most shared article on this topic. Here, you can use filter as well for time up to 1 year to find out the most like or shared content. Now, let us checkout the results.

Why Everyone is Using Buzzsumo in Blogging?

After clicking the Search button, you will see a list of website or URL which has been shared a lot for the keyword “affiliate marketing” as shown below.

Why Everyone is Using Buzzsumo in Blogging?

In buzzsumo, you have many filters on the left side. You can filter on the basis of language, country, domains, and Content type. The fourth filter Content type is very useful if you want to search an article, infographics content, giveaways, interviews, videos and guest post.

On the right hand side, you can see the number of times the article has been shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Pinterest and google plus. If you see the above data, you can analyze that Facebook is the best platform to generate traffic and Twitter is in the second position. Hence, after writing an article do not forget to share your article on these social platforms.

Hope, now you would have understood how we can easily find out the most shared or viral content and article on web for a particular keyword. Please do share your experience with Buzzsumo in the comment section.

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