Bloggers always look for any new techniques which can help to increase their blog traffic. When we talk about traffic, it means a group of people. Now, if you want to become a famous you can to show your talent or content to this world. So, here also I am trying to make you understand that blog promotion is the best way to become famous. So, today I am here to share 11 smart tips or ways to promote your blog posts which will automatically help to build your blog traffic. Here, you have to connect with people who are having same interest like you. Once, you create your group of bloggers then you can solve any issue with the help of your fellow blog mates. Now, let us check how we can boost your blog traffic with the blog post promotion.  Below are the best 11 techniques which I have used in the past for blog promotion. So, let us checkout them one by one.

11 Smart ways to promote your blog posts on Social Media

1.Use hashtags (#)

Hashtags (#) are getting viral these days especially in social networking media websites like twitter, Facebook, google plus etc. So, do remember to us “#” with your keywords. If you notice in twitter on the left hand side, you can see the trending hashtags. So, now you would have understood the power of hashtags, hence do use them perfectly while sharing your blog post.

2. Promote other bloggers post

In blogging, if you want to reach to the top you have to make a group of bloggers of same interest. This can be made only when you start interacting with other bloggers and sharing their blog post. When, you start sharing their blog post, they will also show some generosity and share your blog post as well. So, the promotion of blog post is done easily through this technique. The more bloggers you connect the more your post is shared or promoted. These are the real skills to generate huge traffic to your blog.

3. Schedule your blog post

I have already shared how you can schedule your blog post. There are different applications like hoot suite, buffer, Facebook page etc. are available to schedule you blog post at your best time. Now, the trick here is we are targeting a particular time when most of the people will be online. Hence, when you share blog post at that particular time, there is a high possibility of sharing or promoting your blog post through your readers. Hence, do regularly check the time when your blog receives maximum traffic and share your blog post accordingly.

4. Promote on others timeline

Share blog post on your friend’s timeline on Facebook, who are interested in your blog post. This will then be seen by your friend’s friends and they will might share your blog post. So, we are trying to increase your blog post visibility by using our friends on Facebook.

5. Share post on pages and groups

Pages, groups and communities are created to bring all the people together and share information on a particular topic. Hence, do share you blog post on the Facebook pages and groups of your interest. Also, share your blog post in google plus communities which are related to your blog post. These are simple techniques will really help to promote your blog post.

6. Blog commenting

Always remember blog commenting is the best way to improve your blog performance. If you have need backlinks, blog commenting is the best technique to get backlinks to your blog. Through commenting on other blog, you can share your blog post as well. This way, you are sharing your blog post and also getting a nofollow or dofollow link to your blog from other blogs. So, in both ways your blog is getting benefited.

7. Email of Blog Subscribers

Collect all the emails, which have subscribed to your blog. Now, just create a list of subscribed emails and send them an email. Now, in email describe about blog post and the important element in it. Keep an attractive headline and send them a blog post link in the email. We all check our emails every day, hence there is a possibility of getting more reader to your blog post through emails. Hence, do collect all the emails of your subscribers and share your blog post with them regularly.

8. Write few lines about your blog post while sharing

While sharing your blog post on Facebook, google plus, twitter etc., do write few lines about it. Use some interesting words like Amazing, Kickass, Super, best etc. to start your title. If you keep your title boring, nobody will click and share your blog post. Hence, while sharing your blog post, do write few word about your post to give an idea about it.

9. Ask for sharing by others

I always at the end of my blog post, add a line for asking to share my blog post. This is very common nowadays, if we are giving some information for free, then we also want you to just share our blog post. In youtube, many people post their videos and at the end of video they ask everyone to like and subscribe their channel. The same thing you can do while writing your blog post and at the end ask your readers to please share your article if they really liked it.

10. Keep sharing Icons active

Now, this is very important. Sharing is caring, if you have social networking sites sharing icons like Facebook, google plus, Pinterest, twitter etc. it will be easy for your readers to directly share your blog post. If you can see in this website on the left side, I have sharing icons for my blog. Now, if you want to share this blog post you can just click any of these icons and share it.

11. Join discussion and forums

Discussion and forums are best places to connect with people of same interest. In forums, you can ask questions as well as answers the queries. Here, you can share all the information about your blog if required. If someone has any query, you can simply share your blog post link with them to help to resolve their query. Hence, do signup or join discussion and forums for getting more traffic to your blog.

Hope , these tips for promotion of your blog posts will help you in blogging. Do share if you have any more techniques to add to this topic.

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