Blogging is a very serious business. If you are not understanding your audience you may be going in wrong direction.

If you have followed the top bloggers, you might have learned some blogging techniques. Yes, it is very important today to follow the successful bloggers and learn form them.

The new bloggers in blogging struggle a lot in improving their website performance. Some of the blogger quit in between because they are unable to generate traffic to their blogs.

Today I would just share the top 5 things to be checked before we publish our article or blog post. This is very important to do, since our article should be liked and shared by our readers. Hence, just follow the below 5 tips while writing and publishing an article.

5 things to check before Publishing your blog post

SEO optimized

The article should be SEO optimized. The keywords should be used properly and placed in first paragraph, H1, H2, H3 etc. tags and also should be present in the title and meta description as well.

The images in the article also should be properly optimized with the targeted keyword. These all simple techniques help in ranking your article in the search engine.

Do not Spam the content by using too much your targeted keyword. The keyword density of around 2% to 2.5% is great for ranking your keyword.

Use Yoast SEO plugin in wordpress, it will help in optimizing your targeted keyword in the content.

No Spelling and Grammer errors

The article or blog post should be written in simple language. Even if you are writing a difficult topic tried to explain thing in easy way. Writing article is MS Word helps in removing the spelling and grammar errors.

The more your audience understand your content, the more they will come back to your blog. The language should be understood by all age group people.

Always use big fonts in blog article, which are easy to read. Sometimes, the content is very good but the font size is so small, that one is unable to read the article.

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Blog post Images

The images of the blog post should be relevant to the topic. This is the most important part of article.

A image speaks thousand words. If your image is not attractive and related to your blog post, your readers will never read your blog post.

Always remember, while promoting your blog post on social networking sites, images are the first thing visible to your readers, hence use very good and catchy images which should make your audience to read your article or blog post.

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Use of LSI keywords

LSI keywords are very important for ranking our targeted keywords. Whenever you are writing an article, use LSI keywords in your content cleverly.

These keywords are mainly responsible for bring your blog post on the first page of search engine. Readers always look for more specific information and LSI keywords fulfills that.

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Asking Readers to share article

This is best method to promote your blog. Once you provide the required information to your readers, they will automatically help in sharing your blog post.

Yes, once you meet their (readers) requirement, they will follow all your words. Hence, always at the end of the article do ask your readers to share your article if they really liked it.

Blog promotion is very important for improving your presence in search engine. Always remember, Quality should be always maintained while writing articles.

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