I have started by blogging journey by creating a blog on blogger. In the beginning I did not know anything about how to write a blog post or how to customize your blog. Since, blogspot domain is free for all bloggers, you can learn all these thing day by day and can build your own blog. Blogger is one the easiest platform of google where you can create your blog in minutes. Yes, it takes time for everyone to get friendly with blogger layout or templates. Today I am just going to share how we can create pages in blogger. Adding pages in blogger in not difficult it is as easy as creating a blog post.

Step 1 for Creating your first page in blogger

I first assume that, you people have created your blogger account and build you blog. Now, just login and open your blogger account. There is a not much big difference in blog post vs blog pages. Blog post and blogger pager have almost same process to go through. Having a perfect customize blog with awesome post and pages, will get high page rank from search engines. So the first step here is just click the page tab on the left sidebar of blogger. And then click new page.

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Step 2: Write Page Details

Now, as you reach to creating a new page in blogger, just start giving title and description about you page. As shown below, same like a new blog post start describing about your page and after finishing, save the article and click the orange “Publish” button.

step by step guide to create or add pages in blogger

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Step: 3 Insert Page gadget in the Blogger layout

Now, once you have published your page, just visit the blogger layout. Now, in the layout just click “add a gadget” button to see the list of blogger gadgets. Now, select the “Pages” gadget by clicking blue “+” button, as shown below.

step by step guide to create or add pages in blogger

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Step 4: Adding page to the Pages gadget

Once, you have added the Pages gadget, you have to select the pages you want to show on your blog. As shown in the picture, we have two columns for “Pages to show” and the “List Order”. Now, as you can see we can choose the pages from left side and can add it to the list on the right side. You can just  (✓)the page you want to add to the list. Once added to the list, you can add the list order as per your likes. You can add you pages as tabs on the horizontal tab of your blog or either in a vertical sidebar of your blog.

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Hope, now you will be able to be add amazing pages to your blogger blog. Please do share your comments below about this article.