Google AdSense has lot of different ad formats. If you have an AdSense account, then would have used all the different formats of ads in your blog. But, there are few ads format which can change their size as per the device for good experience. I am talking about the responsive ad units. These are my favorite ads in google AdSense. I have been using them from long time and they are really performing great on my blog. You can use responsive ad unit depending on the traffic you are receiving from different devices. Let us first check how we can add these responsive ads in your blog.

Creating a AdSense Responsive ad unit

You need to create a new ad unit for using a responsive ad unit. Here, while creating an ad unit, you need to choose the responsive ad as shown below. Then you can change the Ad style as you want and then save the setting to get the responsive ad code. Then you can place this ad code on your blog as per your choice. These ads will automatically adjust their size on the type of devices.

Advantages of using AdSense responsive ad unit in your blog

How can responsive ad unit will be helpful for bloggers?

Today, there are lot of devices which are used for surfing internet. Mostly, the mobile phones have become so much internet friendly that any website can be easily opened on these devices. Previously, desktop was only the option to open big website but with time android mobile phones can now open a mobile friendly website for its users.

Now, suppose you are getting 70%-80% of traffic to your website from mobile phones. Traffic information can be found out from google analytics. Just visit the Audience section and click the Mobile-> overview you will get the traffic details of your blog from different devices. For my blog I have shared the information in the below image.

Advantages of using AdSense responsive ad unit in your blog

As you can see form above screenshot, my blog is receiving 71% of traffic from mobile phones. This shows that mobile phones should be my first target to increase my blog traffic. Now, I can’t place big banner ads on my website because big ads will not appear nicely on mobile phones. Hence, a responsive ad will be best for mobile phones.

Responsive ad unit automatically changes their size as per the device. Hence, once you place the ad code, you do not have worry about the ads size. These techniques will really help in improving your blog performance on mobile devices.

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How to check a mobile friendly website?

There are lot of online tools which can help in finding a mobile friendly website. You can visit a mobile friendly testing tool to check the status of your website or blog. You just have to enter your blog URL and run test. You will instantly come to know the results as shown in the below image.

Advantages of using AdSense responsive ad unit in your blog

Hope, all this information will be helpful for the new bloggers. Do place google ads carefully, following all the AdSense guidelines. Responsive ads also help in increasing the AdSense revenue. Hence do use these ads in your blog from today itself.

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