Being the #1 recommended hosting by, Bluehost feature 1-Click installations in all their plans. The main competitor in web hosting for Bluehost is Hostgator. Both has very good features and provide great services. Today we will check out why Bluehost is the most trusted web hosting company and why it is so much popular in the world.

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User friendly dashboard and great features

Bluehost has built a good reputation among its customers. This has happened just because of their amazing services and the support they give 24/7. Coming to the dashboard, it is also very easy to use and can easily change the setting of your website in the back-end. You will also have helpful resources for managing your web hosting services.

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Great service in Cheap price

There are 5 types of hosting plans in bluehost. The most cheap and good hosting plan is for Shared hosting. In this web hosting service you share the same physical server with many other users. But, your data is protected from other users.  This is very basic and cheap hosting, if you are running a blog or website. For business and ecommerce website, shared hosting will not be useful which need lot of space and security, since money transaction will be involved. Below are the details for prices for shared hosting.

Website 1 unlimited Unlimited
Website Space 50GB unmetered unmetered
Bandwidth unmetered unmetered unmetered
Performance Standard Standard Standard
Included domains 1 1 1
Parked domains 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Sub domains 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Email accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Storage 100 MB per account Unlimited Unlimited
Normal Price 7.99$ per month 10.99$ per month 14.99$ per month
Discount price 2.95$ per month 5.45$ per month 5.45$ per month

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24/7 Customer support

This is the best feature they have, even they have a live chat option where you can describe your problem with them. I had problems in the past, but those where resolved within minutes through live chat. So, any problem with bluehost web hosting is resolved with a good 24/7 customer support. Initially, customers do need some help to understand the features and tool of the web hosting, hence a 24/7 support is always needed. Bluehost- best Web Hosting Service Provider Hope, you can also try to use bluehost in future. I will guarantee that you will not regret after signing up for bluehost.

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