You might be confused with the title. Yes, I am going to share some amazing websites where you can simultaneously do your shopping as well as find your targeted keywords. I have already shared the different sources from where you can get your favorite keywords. To increase the performance of your blog and to increase its traffic, perfect use of keywords in very important. Now, today we will check out how we can find out keywords for E-commerce or Online Shopping website like Amazon or EBay. E-commerce websites are highly ranked domain and have products of all different variety. These websites are ranked higher because of SEO friendly website, keywords and internet marketing techniques. Now, if we have to build a website on blogger or WordPress, we should also focus on these techniques.

How to find Keywords while Shopping Online

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Finding keywords in Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest E-commerce website. It is one of my favorite online shopping place. But, I never knew that it can also help me to earn money. Yes, through affiliate marketing you can make handsome money. But, when we talk about keywords, it is easiest place to find them. For example, if we have to search a product for “weight loss” in Amazon, you can see in below image, how many different search option it will suggest just like google or any search engine. Now, this suggest that these products are very popular or targeted more. Hence, if you want to write an article on weight loss, you can use these related keywords as well.

How to find Keywords while Shopping Online

Finding keywords in EBay

EBay again one of the most popular E-commerce website. Here, also we can use the same technique of finding keywords like above. Here, also you can get few more keywords related to weight loss, which you can use in your article. Next time, do not forget to use these websites for finding targeted keywords.

How to find Keywords while Shopping Online

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