Blogging has now become a fashion. Yes, everyday we see lot of people starting a new blog. But, their are hardly 10% of them who sustain and continue to write. This happens when bloggers tend to achieve huge traffic in within short period of time. For beginners in blogging, having an google adsense account, would think of making money overnight. But, to make handsome money through blogging, your blog should also get healthy number of visitors. It is important to get at least 1000 visitors to make a living out of blog. Yes, if your blog get 1000 visitors every day, you can good money without having a 9 to 5 job. Today,  I would just share my experience in blogging and how I achieved my first 1000 visitors with my first blog.

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Write frequently for New blog

Blogging is about connecting with your visitors. To connect with your friends, you need to be always remain in contact with them, right! Here also, to remain in contact with your visitors, you need to share awesome articles with them through your blog. The more you write, the more your visitors will enjoy visiting your blog. But, their is a difference between good and bad blog post. Yes, just for sake of writing, do not post anything. Always do some research and read few articles of your niche and then write the good content out of them. Your blog post should be unique, then only your readers will share them on other social networking sites. This will lead to the promotion of your blog. Yes, blog content is your king, if you write awesome stuff then it will be definitely shared on internet. This will ultimately bring traffic to your blog.

Use keyword tools

Bloggers, who are not aware of importance of keywords, tend to just focus on writing. But, before writing an article, you should always do some keyword research. Their are free tools like keyword planner from google, which really help in finding the best keywords for you. If you want to get more awesome keywords, you should use premium version of keyword tools like SEMrush or Long tail pro. By using SEmrush, you can checkout your competitive keywords ranking in search engines. These tools are the best in market to find and get long tail keywords for your blog. It is not easy to rank short keywords, but the long tail keywords are easily ranked in search engines. Once, you blog post come to the first page of search engine, you can see the increase in your blog traffic. This is the best way to get instant traffic to your blog by targeting keywords.

Follow ON page and Off page SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the shortcut to success in blogging. But, this shortcut take a little long time to show the results. For WordPress blog, use of Yoast SEO plugin will help you to take care of the On page SEO of your blog. Always write an SEO optimized blog post by proper use of targeted keywords. Use of LSI keywords should be done to rank your post on top of search engines. Do not spam your content by overusing keywords. For Off page SEO, keep commenting on other related blogs. The more you get backlinks, the more your blog performance will increase in search engine. Also, keep writing some guest post on the high ranked websites. This will give more exposure to your blog on internet. Once your blog is promoted by some good websites, you can see the increase in your blog traffic in few days. This will also help in increasing your blog income, either through google adsense or affiliate marketing.

Use GWT and Google Analyatics

Keep using Google Webmaster tool (GWT) and Google Analytics from the first day of your blogging. These are free tools from google, and keep tracking your blog performance in search engine. These tools really help in finding errors in your blog. By using google analytics, you can find out the bounce rate of each article. Higher bounce rate article should be taken care to improve their ranking in search engine. Using GWT, you can find out the keywords ranking on search engine which are driving traffic to your blog. This way you can write more articles related to your high ranking keywords and generate more traffic. Using these small information through these tools, you can bring lot of improvement in your blog.

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Be focused on WRITING, not on MONEY

This is the major problem with young generation, once they think of money they lose their focus. Blogging is a gradual process of learning. You cannot learn everything in one day, the google algorithm keeps on changing, hence you need to be more focused on search engine updates. Money is secondary, writing quality articles is primary. Once, do you do your primary job efficiently, secondary things will follow automatically. Always, give preference to quality over quantity. One long article with all specific information to your topic is enough than ten low quality articles. Use images while writing articles. Images speaks 1000 words and they easily get shared on social networking sites.

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Make blogging as your PASSION, not a hobby. When you are passionate about something, you will surely achieve success in that field. Do not lose patience if you are not getting traffic in initial days of blogging. Google needs some time to focus on new blog. Once, your blog become at least 6 months old, you can see the changes in your blog performance and traffic. Hope, the above guidance might help you to achieve 1000 visitors per day. If you have anything more to add, do share it in the comment section.


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