SumoMe is the best user friendly tool for all bloggers. If you are not using it, I would suggest to use it as early as possible. You may not be aware of the SumoMe features. Today we will explore everything about SumoMe which has the ability to increase your blog ranking and performance in search engine. So, let us checkout how we can use this tool and features in wordpress.

How to install SumoMe tool in WordPress

As usual in WordPress, SumoMe plugin is available, you have to just install and activate the plugin. Once you will install this plugin you can see the SumoMe icon in the left side of the dashboard as shown below.

How to increase blog Earning and Traffic using SumoMe

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Once you click the SumoMe icon, it will ask you to register first. You will get the below page once you click the blue icon for SumoMe.

How to increase blog Earning and Traffic using SumoMeHow to increase blog Earning and Traffic using SumoMe

Once, you submit all the above details and register your account, you will now be able to use all the features of SumoMe as shown below.

How to increase blog Earning and Traffic using SumoMe

Now, here if you like to use any of these feature just click on them and activate them. One by one I will tell you how these features will help you to build traffic and also increase your daily earning.

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Share Feature

This feature is very important when you want your blog post to be shared in the social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, google plus etc. This features will help the visitor to share the blog post then and there. You can place the sharing icon in different position as shown below.

How to increase blog Earning and Traffic using SumoMe

Checkout my website I have placed the sharing icon as per the above image location.

How to increase blog Earning and Traffic using SumoMe

This way the readers can read your article and even share your articles if they really liked it. You will never get such easy tool for free which give such awesome features. After using this Sharing features I have seen an increase in my blog traffic. So, do use this features in SumoMe, it will take some time but you will be in profit later.

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Scroll Box- Collecting Email

Emails are very important to be contact with your readers and visitors. All the successful bloggers today are using Emails as a way of communicating with their readers. We all check our emails every day and hence collecting emails of our blog readers is one of the best technique to make them visit your blog frequently. So, Scroll box is the best feature of SumoMe which will help to collect email of your readers. Once you activate this feature, the reader will get a pop up box after reading an article asking for an email to get more information about your blog (as shown below).

How to increase blog Earning and Traffic using SumoMe

Once the readers enter email and click Subscribe Now, they will then regularly get updates of your blog. This way you are collecting emails of your readers, which can be used in future to share anything with them through emails.

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Smart Bar – best feature of SumoMe

This feature is the best for bloggers who are into affiliate marketing. Yes, you can use this Smart bar feature to sell your affiliate products. I know, you would be confused how we can sell any affiliate product using this smart bar. Smart bar has similar function as Hello bar. This feature is very eye catchy. Hence, whenever someone visit your blog, he or she sees the top bar where our smart bar is present. Hence whenever you place your affiliate product on the top or smart bar, the probability of clicking the product is more which will help in selling your affiliate product. This way you can use Smart bar to increase your day to day earning.

How to increase blog Earning and Traffic using SumoMe

As you can see above how easily you can design your affiliate product link. You need to enter your affiliate link and your product title. Once you enter all the required information, just save the design. Now, visit your website, the share bar will pop up on the top of the homepage as shown below.

How to increase blog Earning and Traffic using SumoMe

After using this feature, you can see a significant increase in your earning through affiliate marketing. Hope, you will now start using SumoMe and use all its useful features to bring success to your blog.

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