Most common issue with Internet today is the inconsistency in the Internet speed. Now, many internal and external factors in your computer system affect your Internet speed.

To boost or faster Internet speed, we have to first look at the different options for the decrease in the Internet download speed. Let us check the different ways of increasing Internet speed and the factors affecting them.

How to increase or Boost Internet Download Speed?

Check your Internet speed 

To increase or boost your Internet download speed, first we have to check the current download speed. There are many online tools which can help you check the Internet speed. I would recommend to go for Speedtest and Ping-test, for check the Internet speed. These sites will tell you the two parts of your overall Internet performance: your download and upload speeds.

Here, you will come to know the actual Internet speed. Now, you have to compare the speed with the speed of your Internet service provider. If the Internet speed is lower than what your Internet service provider is giving, then there will be some internal or external issues in your computer affecting the Internet speed.

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Scan for viruses and malware

Viruses are the main factors affecting the internet speed slowness. Computer system infected with spyware will greatly reduce your browser download speeds. Most anti-virus programs such as Norton and McAfee will block your computer from such infections.

However, you can use an anti-virus program to get rid of these virus infection. There are many free and paid antivirus software to help in improving your internet speed. For example, helps in detection of infections. The free version helps in detection of viruses but to remove the infection of viruses you will need to upgrade to paid version.

Just be cautious while surfing unknown or unsafe websites. Websites with too many ads or popup should be avoided.

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Get rid of unnecessary files

While surfing internet there are many offline files get accumulated your computer system. These files are when increases in size can affect the internet speed. The list of unnecessary file includes the temporary internet files, cookies, cache and history from your internet browser.

You can get rid or delete these files by just visiting your internet browser tool section. For Internet Explorer, click “Tools” on the menu bar and select “Internet options.” For FireFox, click “Tools,” on the menu bar. Select “Options.” Click on the “Privacy” tab.

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Check LAN and Internet service provider

In most of the scenarios the LAN (Local Area Network) or ISP (Internet service provider) are mainly responsible for decreasing the internet speed. For these errors, you can directly check with ISP about internet connections options.

The speed of your Internet connection is the most significant variable to your download speed. If you have dial-up Internet access, consider upgrading to a Direct Service Line (DSL) or a cable connection. Even if you already have cable, your Internet service provider may have faster cable services available.

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Multiple functions at same time

Internet speed decrease when you use multiple browser and surf too many things at the same time. For example, if you a watching a movie online and also downloading a movie simultaneously, this will surely decrease your download speed.

Since, watching video will eat up your internet speed for buffering, your download speed for movie in another window will decrease at that time. Once you close watching the movie, the download speed will be restored.


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