Bloggers always look for visitors and readers for their blog. When I started blogging, I still knew my first blog post attracted 10 visitors. This is very less in number but I felt great that I was able to get 10 readers for my first blog post. I am just trying to tell people here is write article, which are worth to read and attract readers or visitors. So, here quality content makes a lot of difference. Yes, bloggers should understand that readers look for unique content or information. If you can provide them then you can win their trust. So, we will just checkout few tips about attracting visitors and how then to increase traffic to your blog for free, through some techniques.

How to increase traffic to your blog for free

Increase traffic for free: Focus on Quality and Unique content

Yes, this is very important for bloggers who wants to attract visitors. When I started to blog in initially, I used to read almost 20-25 articles to get the useful information about my topic. After reading other top articles, I used to recollect what is missing in those articles, which I can provide to my bloggers. So, like that I used to write my blog post and try to give unique information to my readers. Initially it was difficult to get visitors but as started increasing my blog posts, I started getting traffic to my blog for free.  Yes, if you write quality content you can see the increase in your blog traffic with time.

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Increase traffic for free: Social Networking sites

Writing quality content will increase you blog traffic but sharing your blog post in social networking site will give extra traffic to your blog. Social networking sites like facebook, LinkedIn, instagram, pinterest, stumbleupon etc. are the best sites to promote your blog. The best feature about social networking sites is that you can create you blog page and groups and can even chat with your readers. Having direct contact with readers helps you to get feedback about your blog. Once you have handsome number of readers or visitors, they will help you to generate more traffic to your blog for free. When I first started sharing my blog post on facebook, I used to get decent traffic. However, once I had good number of friends on my blog page, they itself start sharing my blog post in their timeline. So, it’s like if you win the trust of your reader they will help you get more visitor and readers to your blog for free.

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Increase traffic for free: Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the best way to increase traffic to your blog for free. Guest posting is posting an article to another blog of same niche and then getting the backlink and traffic from that blog. Guest posting is very popular among bloggers. It is one of the easiest way to increase performance and ranking of your blog. If you know some of the popular blogs in your niche and who accept guest posts, you can contact them and submit your guest post. If you adhere to the guest post guidelines, they will publish your blog post in their blog. In such a way, you get a backlink from the popular blogs as well as the traffic which ultimate raises your blog ranking.

Increase traffic for free: blog commenting

Blog commenting is very easy way to be in contact with other bloggers. If you regularly comment on blogs or forums, you get to know the bloggers of your niche. Also, through blog commenting your can suggest or ask for any solution from other bloggers. Do remember; do not put spam comment on blog posts just to get dofollow or nofollow backlinks to your blog. If you give genuine comment to blog post, then only it will be publish, otherwise it will considered as spam. Spam comments on other blogs; decrease the name of the blog as well as the blogger. So, be honest and comment what is related to the blog post and which can help other bloggers. If you help other bloggers, they will help you to increase traffic to your blog for free.

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Increase traffic for free: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is very important, if your want to increase the ranking of your blog in google within short period of time. Everyone wants to come to the first page of google search and SEO helps him or her to achieve this. Some of the SEO techniques like interlinking blog post, short url, putting keywords in H1, H2 tags, using images with alt txt etc. which help to rank a blog post in google. When we write an article, we should be also think whether the google algorithms will be able to find this article. A SEO technique helps us in ranking in google search and increasing the page rank of the blog.

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