Medium is just one more place, which can be very useful for bloggers. Yes, this place is really great to publish and promote your blog post. Sharing blog post on high ranking website (Alexa rank- 345) like Medium ( is very important to increase traffic of your blog.

Their are other sources like Facebook, twitter, google plus as well which can help in sharing your blog content. The more you connect with people the more response you will get to your blog. So, let us try learn how we can use Medium.

Step 1 – Sign in to Medium

To enter into Medium you need to first login with either twitter, Facebook or Gmail account.

Use Medium to Publish and Share your Blog postStep 2 Write a Story

Once you enter into Medium, you need to click “Write a Story” on top right corner of the website as shown below.

Use Medium to Publish and Share your Blog post

Step 3 – Publish a Story

Now once you click “Write a story”, you will get a box where you will need to enter your blog post title and the body of your blog post as shown below.

Use Medium to Publish and Share your Blog postNow, once you finish your story, you can go ahead an click the Publish button of top right side corner of the website.

Once you publish your blog post, it will then be available for all the users for Medium.

Since Medium is a high ranking website, sharing blog post of this website will surely help in increasing your blog traffic and ranking in search engine.

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