Facebook page is very important to connect with your visitors and readers. It is always recommended to create a Facebook page of your blog. Add your Facebook page in your blog, so that your readers like your page. More the readers like your page, more are the chances of increasing your blog traffic. Yes, driving traffic to your blog is very easy through Facebook page. When someone likes your page, next time he or she will get all the updates on his or her timeline of your Facebook page. So, whatever you share in your Facebook page will be shown in their timeline because they have liked your page. So, this is the big advantage of having blog Facebook page. Well, today we are here to learn how to schedule your blog post in these Facebook pages.

How to Schedule your blog post in Facebook page

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Why it is important to schedule your blog post

Time is very important factor to connect with your readers all over the world. As we know, the time is not same in all the countries. When it is day in India, it is night in the USA. So, if you will share your blog post during daytime, the readers in USA will be sleeping and you cannot reach out to them. So, it is very important to schedule or share your blog post at regular interval of time. So, if you are going for sleep in night, you can schedule your old blog post before sleeping, so that you can share your blog posts while sleeping. I have already shared how we can use Hoot suite for scheduling your blog post. But, here we will learn how to schedule the blog post in Facebook page.

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Step 1

I assume, that you have created your Facebook page. Now, visit your Facebook page. Now, post your blog post link in the blank space (Write something) as shown in the image below.

How to Schedule your blog post in Facebook page

Step 2

Once you post your blog post link, just go and click the dropdown arrow of Publish. You will now see three options Schedule, backdate and save draft. Now, click Schedule.

How to Schedule your blog post in Facebook page

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Step 3

Once you click Schedule, you will get a popup window for setting the time, as shown in the image below. Now, just adjust the time (Date and Time) as per your like. Once you  have adjusted the time, just click Schedule. Now, you can go for sleep, you blog post will be posted on the scheduled time.

How to Schedule your blog post in Facebook page

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Earn More money through Facebook page

Yes, you can earn more money by scheduling blog post in Facebook page. Once you have more readers in your Facebook page, that itself will boost your income. More the readers visit your blog, more you generate income. Now, bloggers who are using AdSense as their source of income, they can earn nicely only when they target visitors from USA. Now, this is possible only when you provide them quality content. So, if you schedule blog post as per their flexible time, you can get more traffic from USA. So, do create a Facebook page to increase your blog subscribers and income.