Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for bloggers. As a blogger, I always look for best SEO plugins or add-on available to write a blog post. A well written and an SEO optimized blog post are easily ranked in search engines. Today, I am here to share an add-on available in web browser Firefox and chrome, which can help you targeting keywords and to know more about your competitors. I am taking about SEO quake. Now, SEOquake firefox and chrome (add-on and extension) both are available in these browser. It is free and you can easily access any website date through SEOquake Firefox and chrome. Let us check more about this add-on.

SEOquake Firefox and Chrome Best add-on for bloggers

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I will assume that you have already installed the SEOquake Firefox add-on or chrome extension in your respective web browser. So, let you check how can we get great information about our competitors through this add-on. Once you have installed just restart your browser. Now, when to come to homepage of your browser you can see the add-on on the top right corner of your browser. You can activate and deactivate it by just clicking it.

Why SEOquake firfox or Chrome is best add-on

SEOquake is a free plugin or addon that allows to see metrics for domains and landing pages including Google Index, Alexa Rank, SEMrush Ranking data, Facebook likes and much more. These metrics are all available to be shown directly from the SERPs so that you understand where each domain and landing page being displayed stand amongst each other.

SEOquake gives quick and easy access to analytical data on any webpage. By using SEObar, you can get any landing page analytical data with a single click of a button. Our SERP Overlay will populate your SERP pages (Search Engine Result Pages) with data specific to each result, taking out the guesswork and manual effort by navigating to each page. Keyword Density reports helps to reveal your competitor’s target keywords. Internal and External Link reports assists with finding what links exist on a given landing page, which can reveal navigation tactics as well as possible partnerships used by your competitors.

One of the most important key feature of SEO quake is that, it gives lot of information in a single click. Now, you must be thinking how can that be possible. Now, just check the below image, hope you will get the answer.

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If you see in above image, I have just use SEOquake firefox, and I got the below results. You can see the whole information about each page in the SEO quake horizontal tab. I have used lot of add-on or toolbar which always need to require to open the page in the new window to get the detailed information about the domain or page. But, this is the only add-on which can give a detailed information of each and every page in just one click. Using this add-on will surely save your time and can easily find out low and high ranking domain of your niche.

Important Features of SEO quake

The SEO quake bar includes very important information about your competitors. Since, the google have now stop showing the page rank, which was also one the vital information, SEO quake is also not able to show the page rank. But, we have all the other details of your competitive domain which can be easily found out through SEO quake. Now, checkout the below image.

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If you can see the above image, we have the key features shown in SEOquake firefox and chrome browsers in horizontal bar. Below are the details of each one of them.

Google Symbol (I)- Number of pages indexed by google

Link (L) – Number of pages linked to that page

Linked Domain (LD) – Number of domain linked to that page

Bing symbol – Number of pages indexed by Google

Alexa Rank- Rank of domain in Alexa

Age – How old the website or blog is

Who is – details of domain like IP address, domain owner, address etc.


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Target keywords using SEOquake firefox and chrome

For targeting keywords, we generally use free tools like keyword planner or any premium tools like SEMrush, Longtailpro etc. But, if you use these tool with SEO quake, you can find more targeting keywords. I use to follow few tips for searching keywords in SEOquake firefox or chrome, which I would like to share with you people.  Remember below points while targeting keywords.

1.       Target keywords which have low ranking domain on the first page of search engines.

As you know SEO quake, which gives all the detail information of domain and page in just single click, will help you find out low ranking domains as well. For example, for any keyword in search engine, if your domain ranking is better than the domain shown in the first page of search engine, than you can easily target that keyword to beat your competitor. On the other hand, if there are blogs with high ranking on first page for your keywords, try to avoid targeting those keywords.

2.      Target keywords which are not present in the Title

This can also be good trick to find the useful keywords. Just follow the above tips and check the use of targeting keyword in the page or blog post. Most of the times, the domain ranking will be good but the post or page will not have targeted keywords. In such scenarios, we can target those keywords by placing it in title, header, H1, H2, H3, meta description etc. to beat your competitor in the search engine.

Hope, this add-on will help you in blogging. Please share your experiences with SEOquake firefox or chrome addon extension in comment section below.


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