The twitter has regularly made changes for increasing their users worldwide. The one change which I really liked was to add or share Gif images or animation on twitter timeline. I really like Gif images with different reactions which make the tweet look impressive.  Twitter support made announcement of sharing animated Gifs on twitter. The Gifs can be shared using iphone and android phone as well.

Remember you can only post one GIF with your tweet and it may not accompany another photo or graphic.  Posting a GIF always makes your Tweet much more engaging.

Steps to tweet a Gif in twitter

You can easily tweet or embed your favorite Gif in twitter in just few clicks. Yes, twitter has a special separate button or icon for Gif. Once you click that you will see different Gif of different humour or reaction (as you can see in the below images).

How to share or Tweet a Gif in Twitter

You can search your favorite Gif, once you get the best one, you can just click it to add it in your tweet space. In next step, you can go ahead to tweet the Gif in your tweeter timeline. You can tweet gif on twitter by using your smartphone or iphone as well, the steps will be same as shown here.

How to share or Tweet a Gif in Twitter

How to share or Tweet a Gif in Twitter

How to get amazing Gif for tweet and sharing

There are different website available where you can get all kinds of Gif which can be used for sharing on social networking sites.  The best and quick way to find your favorite Gif is by going on Giphy. This is a very great place good collection of gif. You can search and download the best one on your personal computer.

Now, while composing your tweet, add your favorite Gif to your tweet. Just click the add photos or videos button and add you saved Gif. Now go ahead to tweet your gif in your twitter timeline.

Benefits of using Gif as tweet on twitter

  • Gif are like short videos, which can speak a lot in few seconds
  • Gifs help the twitter users to react and emote more accurately
  • Twitter users attention can be easily grabbed by using amazing Gif
  • Tweets that include Gif have been reported to receive 20% more clicks, 85% more favorites and 170% more retweets, so a tweet containing a GIF can help spread your message.

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