There are “n” number of affiliate program available today in this world. But, still few of them which are there from more than a decade are ranked on the top. I would like to share some of the top free reliable biggest affiliate networks or programs available online for bloggers and marketers. Yes, you may know few of them but I would still like to mention those affiliate network websites because of their high quality services from a long time. These biggest affiliate networks or programs are on top for the year 2015 and I hope they will be on top for the next coming years as well.

First Best affiliate Network: Google adsense

Google AdSense is one the best ad networks available for any website in this world. But, few of them who are not aware of this ad network would like to know how actually the google AdSense program works? AdSense is a product from Google that allows us to show contextual ads on a blog. So, once you have blog with approved google AdSense account, you need to just login and add html codes ads to your blog from your AdSense account. But we need adhere to google AdSense program policies while placing ads in your blog.

Biggest affiliate Networks Programs in the world for bloggers

Now, how you make money through google AdSense network? It simple, whenever someone clicks to the AdSense ads in your blog, you get paid for those clicks. AdSense is a contextual ad network, which means that ads will be displayed according to your content. For example, if you are writing a post on blogging, you are more likely to see ads related to blogger, WordPress or web hosting. Adsense is on top of my of biggest affiliate networks list and everyone should once try this program.

Amazon Associate- biggest affiliate Networks

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest marketplaces. Unlike flipkart associates, it is not limited to India, it has presence all over the world, which make it easy to target by bloggers and big companies. Amazon has huge number of products from different categories which makes it a real winner in the biggest affiliate networks ranking in this world.

Biggest affiliate Networks Programs in the world for bloggers

How does amazon associate works and what is the commission and success rate?

Well, let us assume you have US amazon associate account. Now, the next step is how to monetize your blog or website with amazon products. Amazon has links, banners or widgets which you can add to your website. Depending of your niche or blog topic, you can search the different links and banners. Here you can add a widget with your keyword you want to target. For example, if you have a blog on movies, just add the keyword in the widget and amazon with generate html code with your keyword. Once you add the html code to your blog, amazon will show all the product related to movies. It is very easy to amazon affiliate network for bloggers.

Amazon associate program pays you up to 15% of the sale amount and, depending on what kind of sale you are making. The success rate increases as you sell more products and gain more commission.


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Commision Junction – Reliable affiliate network

This affiliate program is one the favorite for all the bloggers out there. There is no competition between google affiliate network vs commission junction here. Both are winner in their features and cannot be seen as competitors. This affiliate marketing program has thousands of products to promote and make money. This global affiliate is a great winner among publisher or bloggers.

Biggest affiliate Networks Programs in the world for bloggers

 It is very easy to use commission junction. You just need to sign up and then login with your commission junction account. Here is also you can easily find you products to promote in different categories. Once you have found your product, you can easily monetize your blog with the links provided with the products. You can search for the Commision junction reviews if you are want to see the success rate. If you use it once, you will also add this program in your biggest affiliate networks list.


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Clickbank – dependable affiliate program

Biggest affiliate Networks Programs in the world for bloggers

Clickbank is my favorite affiliate network or program. The simple website with ‘n’ number of products and easy sign up process of Clickbank, makes in to be on the top 10 affiliate marketing program in the world. One can easy make the clickbank account and get search your favorite products in the marketplace. The best advantage of using clickbank in the high commission (5%-75%) rates. The high income through clickbank makes it eligible to be in my biggest affiliate networks. The clickbank payment gateway is also very simple. You can weekly, biweekly or monthly transfer your money from clickbank to your bank account to any country like India. There may be few complaints about clickbank regarding payment but I have never come across any such issue. You can check for the reviews about clickbank affiliate account and marketplace, then you can go ahead to use it.



It is one of the only affiliate marketing networks to facilitate long-term, profitable partnerships between advertisers and publishers. In affiliate marketing, since both the merchant and the marketer are benefited, linkshare is considered as one the best program for internet marketers. Now, how do we use linkshare?

Biggest affiliate Networks Programs in the world for bloggers

You can either join Linkshare as an Advertiser or a Publisher depending on how you want to grow your business. Advertiser account requires you to create your own affiliate program if you want to market your products over the internet. Publisher account is for those who do not want to invest and are looking to generate income by marketing products offered by clients on the Linkshare network. For each sale delivered through your website, you will get commission and the amount varies from company to company.



Shareasale affiliate program is a popular service for marketers to promote their products and services. But this time you would have understand the difference between merchant, affiliate marketer, affiliate links and banner, marketplace. Here also, we have same process like clickbank and linkshare. Let us check how to whole things works in shareasale and why it is added in my biggest affiliate networks list.

Biggest affiliate Networks Programs in the world for bloggers

Here, also we have first signup to create a shareasale account. Now, once you have a shareasale affiliate program account, you have just visit the marketplace to search for your products. But in shareasale, you have first need approval from the merchant to promote their products on your website. Sometimes they disapprove, but mostly they agree. There are thousands of products available in shareasale marketplace. Hence, you have lot of approtunity to make money through shareasale. The minimum payout details and the links and banner of products can be easily found out in your affiliate account. Do check the reviews of shareasale if you don’t find information enough to use this affiliate network in india.


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eBay Partner network

Biggest affiliate Networks Programs in the world for bloggers

EBAY is again one the best affiliate program for all the bloggers. EBay Partner network or affiliate network provides affiliates with four options for promotion and referral linking including Paid Search, Paid Placement, Ad-Network, and Web site referrals. Ebay works somewhat similar like amazon. Ebay has presence in most part of the world. You can easily create or signup for your eBay partner network, there are no particular requirements. The best part of eBay partner affiliate network program is the commission. The commission is based on the amount earned by eBay for each transaction. The commission is somewhat between 40% to 80% depending the product sold.

Commissions are paid out to eBay Partner Network members on a monthly basis when the minimum threshold of $25 is met. Payments are sent out via Direct Deposit. Hence, you can easily make money through eBay partner network.

Hope, you would have good amount knowledge about best affiliate networks or programs. Now, you can go ahead and motenize you blog with these networks. Do share your thoughts in comment section.