Google analytics is one of the best free tool by google for bloggers and internet marketers. I have been using this tool from last one year. Since the time I am using this tool, it has helped me a lot to increase my blog performance. Being a beginner, many bloggers will not understand the importance of using google analytics. Today, I am going to show how to use Google Analytics for my website and the best features of google analytics, which will help you understand more about this tool. These features helped me in increasing my blog performance and ranking. So, let us check these google analytics features one by one.

Check for new and returning visitors

I assume you have setup or install google analytics of your blogger or wordpress blog. In google analytics, you can check the new and returning visitors data metrics. Below, I have share my website data snippet about my visitors. Here, you can see the number of returning visitors are less compared to the new visitors. Only 21% are returning visitors and 78% are new visitors.

How to use Google Analytics for my website

There is no problem in having more new visitors, but it is very important to retain your returning visitors as well. If your website has quality content, then only visitors or readers can think to revisit your blog. Having, less number or returning visitors indicate that your website is missing some quality content. Hence, do check regularly this data in google analytics for maintaining a good number of returning visitors to your blog or website

Targeting Location

This section is also very important in google analytics. Those, who are using only google AdSense as their source of income, should always check this section. Below, I have shared an image showing my visitors from different countries.

How to use Google Analytics for my website

As, you can see United States of America (USA) is on the top, which mean I receive most of traffic from USA. From the beginning, I am focusing to target US audience, since US visitors generate more income through AdSense ads. Hence, if you are using google AdSense, do check this section for your targeted location. If not, do use keywords which are searched more in US location and write articles focusing on those keywords. Use SEMrush or keyword planner for finding keyword for US location.

Traffic sources of your blog

This section is very important for beginners. I always wanted that my visitors should visit my blog through organic search engines. If you can bring your blog post on first page of google, then you get huge traffic through search engines. Social networking sites also add some traffic to you blog, but organic search will always boost your blog traffic.

How to use Google Analytics for my website

As you can see the above picture of my blog, here you can see the organic search is on the top and social, direct and referral are in the bottom. Around 90% of my blog traffic comes from organic search engines. Hence, do a proper keyword research for your blog, so that your blog post should be on the front page of the search engines. It’s all about SEO and Keyword research, which brings traffic to your blog.

Top posts of your blog

Google analytics also shows the top performing blog post of your website. In below screen shot you can see my blog post, which are getting most traffic to my blog.

How to use Google Analytics for my website

Now, the best performing articles will not have any issues. But, here you have to think of the articles at the bottom of this section. The articles in the bottom are not getting enough traffic. So, do add some quality content or data to your low performing blog posts. If you update your older blog post with new awesome content, they might also perform well and come on to the top of this section. Maintain quality in all your blog posts.

Find your blog keywords

In this section of google analytics, you can exactly see the search terms, which are searched in the search engines. Here, you can see the keywords used by your visitors, to visit your blog.


As you can see in the above image, I have the top searched (blurred) terms of the day, which made readers to visit my blog. Like this, you can also check the top search term or keyword of your blog. If you find repeated keywords, you can write more articles on it to increase your blog traffic.

Hope, this article would help you to show how to use Google Analytics for my website. Do you these features to increase your blog performance in future.

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