Google search engine have separate URL for different countries. If you try to search google in USA, you will land up with But, if you use google search engine in UK you will get So, here the URL differs with the different countries for google. Now, their is no problem with using different URL to search anything in google. But, when you want to target a group of audience or visitors of a country, then it is important to use google search engine of that country. Let us learn more about about this topic in detail.

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Why to use than any other URL

Its very simple to understand, myself being a blogger I always look for US people to visit my blog, since they have high CPC for google ads. Hence, if you are using, you will know the status of your blog post on The ranking of blog post differs for different search engines. For example in the below screenshot, when I search for “how to loss 10 kg in a week” i got different results for and

For, the ranking of pages is shown below. The is in the 1st position and is in the second position.

How to use from any country

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For, the ranking of goes down to 2nd position. while the comes to the top position. So, now you would have understood how the ranking of articles or blog post changes for location to location.

How to use from any country

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How to get or use from any country

You can easily use from any other country other than USA. While typing the URL address, just add in the address bar, you will be redirected to search engine. Just click the below link, you will get the search engine.

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