WordFence is one of the best security plugin for WordPress bloggers, which can keep your blog fast, safe and secure.You can install WordFence like any other WordPress plugin. Just go to Plugins > Add New and enter the plugin name in the search box. After that, it should be the first item in the search results. It has been installed and use by million WordPress users.

WordPress security plugin can perform multitasks. Their are many WordFence options in the plugin which helps in protecting our WordPress website. Some of the best features or option of WordFence WordPress security plugin are as follows.

Live Traffic view

WordFence: Best Free Security Plugin Review for WordPress Bloggers

In Live traffic you can see the details of your visitors, including the IP address as well. If you want them to block you can easily do that by clicking on Block.

Virus and Malware Scanner

For Scanning you have just go to WordFence > Scan and click on “Start a WordFence Scan”. This will run your site security scan, and it will check your existing blog for any vulnerabilities. Depending upon your site’s size, it may take time to finish the scan procedure.

WordFence: Best Free Security Plugin Review for WordPress BloggersOnce the scan is finished, you can see all the errors on the scan page as shown in the below image. You will also get the scan results to your email. WordFence scan all your WordPress core files, themes, plugins, and upload folders for changes and suspicious code. The scan will completely guide you about the problem in your WordPress core files or theme files and will help in solving the problem, as shown in below image.

WordFence: Best Free Security Plugin Review for WordPress Bloggers

As you can see above, their is a bad URL and a malicious file present in core WordPress files. Now, you can go ahead and restore the original files, if you can. But, do remember to backup your files before making any changes.

You can even see the original file and modified file by clicking of See how the file has changed option. Here you will see the difference in the original and corrupted files as shown below.

WordFence: Best Free Security Plugin Review for WordPress Bloggers

The basic WordFence plugin is free, but it also comes with a premium version that gives you access to more advanced features such as country blocking, firewall rules updated in real time, scheduled scanning, etc. Do use this plugin from today itself to protect your WordPress website.

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